One on One with Buzz Williams

The Marquette 2012-13 Basetball team might have more height and length at the post than any team in the Buzz Williams era. At media day, I asked Buzz Williams how he will adapt his offensive concepts to his new talent.

Here is my 15 minute interview with Buzz:

Part 1:Buzz talks about the importance of 'switchables' in transition on offense, defense and guarding ball Jamil Wilson saved the '11-12 season after Chris Otule and Davante Gardner went down with knee injuries...and how Buzz worked over and over with Vander Blue on how to finish drives to the hoop...the angles...using the glass...reading and beating the help defender at the basket...[9min]

Part 2: Buzz talks about Junior Cadougan, the first player in his coaching career that he has recruited, and coached for 4 yrs.... and Center Chris Otule's comeback from an ACL injury and his applying for 6th yr next Spring... [5 min]

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