Buzz looks at the 2012 Newcomers

Want to know what MU head coach Buzz Williams thinks about the newcomers to this year's team? MU lost asst coaches Tony Benford [North Texas head coach] and Aki Collins [Memphis, asst coach to new Big East team], how are the new assistants Isaac Chew and Brad Autry fitting in to replace them? MU lost Jae Crowder to the NBA, how will that impact MU's defense this season in terms of ball pressure

and guarding ball screens? Besides the score, what stats should MU fans look at to assess how Buzz is thinking his team is performing during the game? Well, I wanted to know too so I asked him.

Here is Part 1 of my interview with Brent Williams after the Fish Fry scrimmage.

[10 min]

Part 2: Buzz tells fans what categories of stats he uses to measure player and team performance. This gives fans more insight into what Buzz talks about during timeouts and at halftime. Buzz and his staff use 'whiteboard' stats much measures 'paint touches', 'contested vs uncontested shots' and others.

Communication: I asked Buzz how a coach can communicate with a player without becoming tiresome and being 'turned off' by the player. He talks to players and their parents almost every day.


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