Marquette's three balls bury Miss State 89-62

LAHAINA, Hawaii – Led by Vander Blue's 18 points and Davante Gardner's 15 pts and 12 rebounds, Marquette[3-1] beat Mississippi State[1-3] 89-62 in its game two at the Maui Invitational. MU started off fast jumping out to an 8-0 lead and never trailed. Marquette shot 7-11[63.6%] from three including 3 -3 from Jake Thomas, 2-2 from Trent Lockett and 2-3 from Vander Blue.

Here are some post-game comments from MU's head coach Buzz Williams on the ESPN 540 radio network:

[Jamil Wilson better today] I think the bench is the best teacher in college basketball. He was bad yesterday. He is an incredible bright kid…understands where everyone has to be…a very articulate kid….a great teammate. But I told him that is great but if you are not a ‘dog' [aggressive out there] you might as well be on the bench as an asst coach. I need you to be more of a dog. You have all the other stuff figured out. I thought he was really good.

[Jake Thomas…Trent shot threes] It changes the complexion of the game. We need to play in space. It changes the complexion of the floor. Jake is a great shooter but he also has 11 rebounds in about 14 minutes of play and today he tried to take two charges [but called for a foul…bad calls.] He is a complete player. A bad athlete but he knows how to help us He knows when to shoot. When not to shoot. It tells you how smart he is. 23 minutes today is the most he has ever played.

[When is it a good shot for Vander?] #1 time score and momentum. #2 Rhythm and space. #3. After a paint touch. He knows everyone says that he cannot shoot so he has an edge about him. I told him when I subbed him out that this was the best back to back 2 game stretch that he has had since he has been here. Typically you play better when you have confidence. But our confidence cannot be derived here from our offense. It must be derived from our defense. This is the best 4 game stretch of defense that we have played since I have been here considering the quality of opponents.

[Davante had 15 pts/12 rebs]We don't count it when you shoot under the rim and get the ball back. That is not a rebound at Marquette. I am so proud of him. His mom and I have become really close. I coach him thru her. I think I should hire her as an asst coach. She believes in all that we do. She has seen his improvement. His ball screen coverage was outstanding today. He is a lot more vocal. Understands what we want him to do.

[Jamal Ferguson..lightning fast] The way he changes direction. He is fast and effortless. He is faster than Vander. If he could handle the ball a little better, he would look even faster. He is going so fast that he cannot keep up with himself on the dribble.

[What about Kevin O'Niell and USC?]Over the last 6 yrs. we have become really close. If you would rank coaches as a tactician I would say he is top 5 in the a pure ‘x' and ‘o' coach.

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