Interview with Duane Wilson

I had a chance to talk to Duane Wilson after his spectacular 34 pt effort vs Milw Vincent.

[Dominican lost 74-59 to Milw Vincent in the NY2LA Sports Classic at Milw Homestead..…MU bound Duane Wilson scored 34 points for Dominican ..23 in the first half….while MU bound Deonte Burton scored 33 for Vincent. Dominican had to go with a 4 guard lineup after 6-9 C Diamond Stone picked up his 4 PF in the 3Q……we asked Duane to comment on the game…]

DW: "It was a great game. We did not finish on top. We played very hard. Deonte's a great player…that is why he is coming to MU. They just finished on top.

[talk about what happened when you lost the lead in the 2nd half]

DW: We were just tired and fatigued. Our big man was in foul trouble so we had to run offense because we have 4 guards. That is something that we have to work on so [without Stone] when we play another team we will perfect it.

[What does it mean to have Buzz Williams…Brad Autry and Isaac Chew here watching the game tonight?]

DW: It means a lot to see Buzz and his family and the coaching staff at the game. . That is what Marquette is…'family' That's why I love Marquette. You just don't see one coach, you see all three coaches. He [Buzz] even brought his wife and kids to the game.

[Was it exciting playing in front of such a big crowd?]

DW: This was a big game [crowd].. In smaller games it is hard to get into a rhythm but the crowd gets you going…. This is one of the best venues ever. Antonio Curro [NY2LA] did a great job with this tournament.

[How often do you keep up with Marquette during the season…?]

DW: I see them almost every time on TV. Whenever I don't have practice I go down there and catch a game or a practice. The coaches and the players always keep me posted about what is happening. I talk to my cousin Jamil [Wilson] maybe like twice a week and he tells me what is going on.

[What is your relationship with your cousin Jamil?]

DW: We are really close…it is almost more like a brother relationship…he gives me advice about stuff and he gives me advice like a role model.

[What about the 7 basketball schools…breaking away from the Big East….to form a new conference? Does it impact you?]

DW: It does not really impact me. It is good….you are playing against all teams that don't have football so the crowds will be into it…it should be a great feeling…you will still get the same great competition. I believe Butler will be in [the league] and they just beat the #1 team…so it should be pretty good.

[You played with Deonte Burton last summer in AAU…but tonight you played against Deonte…talk about that dynamic]

DW: He was just a monster on the boards. It is hard to keep him off the boards someone 6-5 and 230 lb. You really don't see too many people in HS basketball that big. We did what we could out there. He is just a man child out there.

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