Deonte Burton, a key piece of '13 Recruiting

Deonte Burton is 6-4 230 lb guard who is part of Buzz Williams top 10 recruiting '13 class. This interview was conducted after his Milwaukee Vincent team defeated Whitefish Bay Dominican at the NY2LA Classic last Saturday. As he is on the court, Burton is a man of few words and a lot of power.

Ques.: How does it feel to win this game?

DB: It feels good. We fell behind and were able to come back versus adversity.[fell behind early]

Ques.: How does it feel to play against and beat your future teammate Duane Wilson?

DB: I just looked at it as another game.

Ques.: How do you feel after being at a game when Buzz Williams, his family, assistant coaches Isaac Chew and Brad Autry were there watching you?

DB: I tried to block that out so I don't get anxious or do dumb things. I play the game I love and I don't really see them at all.

Ques.: Concerning rebounds, when you want to get a rebound, it seems like you really go get it. What is your philosophy when it comes to rebounding?

DB: It is all hard work. You have to work to get a rebound.

Ques.: Can you comment on the seven basketball schools leaving the Big East? Does that impact you?

DB: No, (impact). When I committed, I committed to the school and not the conference.

Ques.: And as long as Buzz is there, you are happy?

DB: Yes.

Ques.: Can you talk about Duane Wilson's game? You played with him on the AAU team last summer and tonight you played against him. Can you talk about that?

DB: (Duane) he is very hard to guard. He is great off of pick and roll, that is his thing. With the pick and roll, he is nearly impossible to stop. You just hope he misses. You just try to contain him.

Ques: Your team, Vincent, is on a roll. How does that feel?

DB: It feels good. We keep making strides forward. We don't want to go backward.

Ques.: Playing at Mequon Homestead, the place was filled, two great teams, how was that atmosphere?

DB: It gave me goose bumps. I had goose bumps the whole game.

Ques.: What is it going to be like playing on the Bradley Center next year in front of a packed house?

DB: I don't know. I cannot wait to feel that rhythm.

Ques.: What part of your individual game are you working to improve?

DB: My shot is what I am working at the most. Even though I am not hitting as much as I want, I am working on my shot constantly. I haven't actually spoken to Coach Williams about my game yet.

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