'Wipe.. er..White Out!', Louisville 70 MU 51

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- #12 Louisville shot 52 percent to beat #. 25 Marquette 70-51 at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville Kentucky. The Cardinals (18-4,6-3), were lead by Russ Smith who scored 18 points and PG Peyton Siva added 14. The Golden Eagles (15-5,6-2), were led by Vander Blue's 17 pts and Trent Lockett's 16. MU raced out to a 9-1 lead to start the game but Louisville's 35-17 run to finish

the first half was too much to overcome... Here are comments from Buzz Williams on his post-game show with ESPN 540's Steve True.

[Vander Blue led MU with 17 pts.]

[what were the keys to the game?] Buzz Williams: "They rebounded 11 of their 16 missed shots in first half."

[comment on game]Buzz: "When team shoots 50%...we had 12 TO in 2H…we were not good in either half in certain areas…"

[Trent Lockett powers in for 2 of his 16 pts.]

[Lockett had a good game.] Buzz: "He is as diligent a worker as I have seen…if my wife and I can do half the job with our children that Trent‘s mom did with him and his sister… he is not exuberant in his personality….but he is very thoughtful…he thinks through everything you tell him….he is great at reading the scouting report ….I told the team that Trent is best player in D-1 I have ever seen at doing what you tell him..…he does it at the point you tell him and you never have to tell him that again."

[what about Louisville?] Buzz: "They score 1 out of 3 pts in transition…and those are from your turnovers and bad shots…then they score 42% of the time after missed shots…they score off of your TOs...in 1H we handed their press…in 2H we tried to be more aggressive…[forcing the action meant more turnovers by MU]

[cannot get too high and too low in Conference…]Buzz: 'That's right….Prov beats Vill and USF takes UCONN to OT on the road….you cannot get too high and too low in this conference…that is the way life is too…

[unusual performance, usually your teams make a run] Buzz: "Got beat by 14 in 1H and by 5 in 2H…there was juice to us in the first 4 min of 2H…it will be a long trip back and to USF…but we need to play a lot better to beat S Florida…

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