MU 67 Seton Hall 46

NEWARK, N.J. – #17 Marquette finished the game with a 35-13 run to beat Seton Hall 67-46 on Tuesday night. Vander Blue paced the Golden Eagles with 19 points and Davante Gardner added 14 second half points to finish with 18. The win allowed the Golden Eagles (19-6, 10-3 Big East) to stay in first place tie in the conference. Marquette outrebounded Seton Hall by a 43-24, led by

Jamil Wilson's 9 rebounds and Trent Lockett's 8. Freshman Steve Taylor had 5 rebounds in 9 minutes of play.

[Davante Gardner powered in 18 pts]

Here is MU head coach Buzz Williams post-game interview with Steve True on ESPN AM540.

Buzz Williams…"We played really well in the 2H…defensively we were outstanding…I thought in the 1H we were too but there were too many turnovers. Tonight we were as dominant on the glass as we have been. When your FG% defense was as good as we were.

[Homer: You shut down the key scorers on SH in 2nd H]"I think the last 2 games that Trent has been monumental…statistically it does not look like it…he had 8 rebs tonight…he is so physical…so intelligent…understands what is going on….and with Jamil's consistency the last two games, that allows Vander to not feel the weight of the world on him...that allows him to be better defensively and on the glass."

[Jamil Wilson came off the bench to add 9 pts and 9 rebs.]

"I think Chris being much more present on both ends of the court has helped Davante… I feel sorry for Coach Willard…Motley and Oliver are really good players…but they have hurt with injuries…players changing positions….hard to overcome…how they mucked it up in the 1H by scoring off of our live ball turnovers. "

[Trent Lockett's 8 rebounds and physical presence gave MU a commanding lead on the boards.]

[Jamil Wilson and Trent Lockett nearly had double doubles.]

I keep on eye on every game chart...all the stats...I look at when I cannot sleep at night...[I write down this]…'play Steve more'…the first 3 possessions he[Taylor] was in he had 3 def rebs but with Jamil playing well…and with us playing our big lineup [Gardner and CO2] for 13 possessions vs. Pitt…it squeezes…Steve's time…I am not taking Trent out when he is playing well…I am not taking Vander out when he is playing well….so the subs are Derrick and Chris..and when everyone is playing well…that is what you get…I thought about the 7 min mark our guys were winded…and they called a couple of time outs…and they were in such a good grove….I did not want to alter that….

[Steve Taylor 9 min and 5 rebounds.] "He is just always around the ball. Always in the mix…I love him…we have an issue at practice, how we start? Chris, Van, Junior, Juan and Trent. Ok, who guards them? Derrick, Davante, Jamil Todd and Steve.

[Trent Lockett]

…Steve…if he can guard the 4…Jamil is not getting reps…and if Jamil plays the 3….Todd cannot get reps… he has to play because Todd can make a shot...and sometimes we cannot make a shot…I really appreciate his[Steve's] maturity being the youngest guy on the team…

[When Jamil is out on floor there are fewer turnovers.] Jamil is our best option…our best help defender…the most sense of anyone about what is being done offensively….when it is tie at H on the road…you trust Jamil with the ball in his hands…you trust him with ball screens…good things happen

[Buzz Williams was looking very sharp in the first half]

[Hey you coached the 2H wearing a sweater] "There was a loose ball…Vander dove on it…and I went down to pick Van up…and he grabbed my tie and busted my shirt. I like to look professional.

[Of all the things that Vander Blue has improved in…what is the impresses you the most?]

"as a person…Vander is much more accountable in life…with respect to his mom…his grandfather…as a player, you growth should mirror his improvement as a person…it is his efficiency as a player…he does not take bad shots….much better finish at rim with both hands…stepping into his jump shot with a sidestep after the ball gets inside and comes out……he average 4 rebs/per game in league play…I want him to get to 4.6 or 4.8….

Very thankful for the win.….

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