Pressure Pressure and More Pressure

Here is a Q and A with back up PG Derrick Wilson from the winning locker room after the exciting 74-72 win over Butler. CBS called it the most exciting game of the tournament so far. Wilson pressured Butler guard Rotnei Clarke all over the court. Here are his comments after the game.

DoddsOnSports: First of all congratulations that was a ‘gut' check…

Derrick Wilson…"Thank you…it was...we needed that one.

DOS: Rotnei Clarke…did you think he would ever miss?

DW: "I think in the first half, we played the ball screens wrong…there were miscommunications. I think it enabled him to get open. It enabled their shooters to get more space. Their shot makers hit more shots …so in the second half, we tried to contain them even more…and might have worn him down a little bit…he missed shots[later in game]…We tried to pressure him up. Pressure and more pressure.

DOS…that offense was difficult to cover…motion and ball screens off the ball… times, guys like Trent and Vander seemed more winded than I have seen them all yr.

DW: "The whole atmosphere goes into it …your adrenaline is rushing…you are so excited…they [Butler shooters]run out of ball screens …pin downs…they are a good shooting team. If you go under a ball screens they can hit shots… So we had to get guys in and out, in and out.

DOS: Did you sense that they began to tire in 2H?

DW: "Yes, they were not as up-tempo as they were in 1H. That really helped us out in the end.

DOS: What were you trying to do on offense?

DW: "We got them to space them out and we tried to isolate them and take advantage of what we had. We have talented players in Trent and Jamil. They cause matchup problems to any opponent we play.

DOS: The intensity of the game was off the charts…it reminded me of Murray State game last yr…in terms of toughness and fighting for the ball all 94 feet.

DW: "Yes…we have a deep bench so we want to pressure teams. But vs. Murray State, the end of the game was not as scary as it was tonight. We got a little more nervous tonight at the end. Both Murray State and Butler were great teams. There was more scoring tonigh and they had the last shot.

DOS: You have been here for 2 yrs. and the team has 2 Sweet 16 appearances. Let's hope it is a trend. Congratulations

DW: " I hope so too. Thanks

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