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Here is a Q&A with Scouts Evan Daniels. Thanks to all MU fans who sent in questions.

From: Evan Daniels

(1) Talk about Sandy Cohen's emergence and how much MU is pursuing him.

Cohen had a strong spring with the Playground Elite bunch. He's very skilled, can really pass and can get into the lane when he wants.

Although he doesn't appear to be a knock down shooter, he's certainly capable of making shots out to 22-feet. He was one of the breakout guys of the spring and certainly a guy I'll be paying a lot of attention to heading into July.

Marquette has offered and appears to be ramping up their attention on Cohen.


(2) Assess Nick Noskowiak and how he fits in at MU.

Buzz Williams tracked him throughout the April evaluation periods and it paid off with a verbal pledge shortly after. When I saw Noskowiak this spring he impressed with his skill level, IQ, ability to pass and run a team. He's also a shot maker from both mid-range out to three. In my first viewing of Noskowiak I thought he was easily a top 100 player and my second viewing of him confirmed that. I think because of his feel for the game and raw talent he's the type of guard that could get a lot of playing time early in his career.

(3) Does MU have any chance with Rashad Vaughn?

Marquette doesn't seem to be getting a ton of play with Vaughn. North Carolina, Kansas, Baylor and Minnesota seem to be the schools talked about the most in his recruitment. I think Vaughn was close to making a college choice, but he's backed off that some. He took a visit to North Carolina and hosted a handful of other schools for in-home visits. Kentucky and Iowa State are also involved to some degree.

Ahmed Hill

(4) Name 3 priorities recruits for MU in 2014.

Three names that come to mind are Kevon Looney, Ahmed Hill and Paul White. These are all three guys that Buzz Williams has tracked for quite some time and the Golden Eagles have spent time recruiting.

(5) What is MU's position with Stone?

It's still very early in the Stone recruitment and information has actually been fairly hard to come by out of his came, as he has at times refrained from doing interviews in the spring. With that said, Marquette is targeting him and rightfully so, as he's in their backyard and one of the best prospects in the 2015 class.

(6) In terms of recruiting as a conference, what is the relative position of the new Big East? What is the sentiment of recruits toward the new conference?

With conference realignment it's clear that the Big East has lost quite a bit as a conference. I think it's clear the Big East has taken a step back and won't be what it has been recently. As far as what recruits are saying, there hasn't been a lot of talk about it. I'm sure this is something that coaches will try and use against Big East schools, but it should still be a formidable league with schools with some rich tradition. -- Evan Daniels Scout.com National Analyst

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