Todd Mayo Interview: Part 2

In part 2 of my interview with Todd Mayo, I asked him about his brother OJ's signing with the Bucks, to comment about the incoming Freshmen...and about finally buying in to the work eithic that Jimmy Butler, DJO and Jae Crowder tried to pass on to Todd. He did not buy in or catch on at first, but after seeing what Vander Blue did last yr, Mayo now starts his daily workouts at 5:30am.

8 min audio

Here are some tidbits from the interview:

Todd on Deonte Burton who put on a show with Todd's summer league team..35 pts..great dunks. "Deonte Burton is one of the strongest players on team. Just like every freshman he needs to figure it out. Will be one of the best players Marquette has ever had. He can play all positions 1 thru 5. Just[has to]figure it out."

On the other freshmen in the 2013 class. "They came from their high schools[highly rated/successful] yet they are not arrogant. They are a little bit scared and that is what I am here for. They see me in the gym an hour early…[sends message]"

On passing the torch...Wesley Matthews to Jimmy Butler...Butler to DJO/ Todd realizes what it takes. "Passing the torch..…the work ethic…..Vander bought in last summer."

After seeing Vander improve, it made an impact on Todd. He has a new work ethic. Even his brother OJ has noticed how hard MU players work."

Todd works out at practices at the Cousin's Center. OJ might want to ‘hoop with us.'

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