Part 2:Joe Chapman Looks Back at MU career

In part 2 of our interview, Joe Chapman looks back at his MU career including the '03 Kentucky game and vs. the Kansas game in the Final Four. Chapman was a key member of the Tom Crean Era where Tom built up the program twice with Dwyane Wade, Travis Diener and Steve Novak and then in 2005-05 with the triplets Dominic James, Jerel McNeal and Wesley Matthews.

Chapman says that the highlights were playing with Dwyane Wade, the game vs. #1 Kentucky and beating #2 UCONN in MU's first Big East game. He told me, ‘We beat UCONN, the #2 ranked team in the country playing as well as we could possibly play.'

"I knew D Wade before I came to Marquette. I had to guard him for 1 yr. in practice as a freshman. He has that left to right cross over move that his still uses today. Lightning fast and you don't realize how strong he is. He plays so low to the ground it is hard to push him.'

Dark days for MU fans toward the end of the 2005 season when PG Diener was injured and backup PGs Niv Berkowitz and Brandon Bell were unavailable. Crean was forced to turn to SF Chapman to play the PG. I asked Joe about one loss, at Louisville when Rick Pitino, frustrated by a series of tough losses to MU since arriving at UL, did not call off the dogs when MU was down by 40. The result was one of the worst losses in MU history.

But then the triplets arrived to put Joe back to his natural SF position and to help complement the spot up shooters like Joe and Steve Novak.

Joe is taking what he learned at MU and playing around the world, now in Japan. Here is my 10 min audio interview.

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