Q & A with Todd Mayo

After losing last year's leading scorer in Vander Blue, Marquette has a hole at the two guard position that desperately needs to be filled. The team responded by bringing in JaJuan Johnson, a highly-touted recruit; retaining Jake Thomas, a redshirt senior who nearly transferred; and developing Todd Mayo, a junior whose first two years at Marquette have had plenty of ups and downs.

Despite missing the first half of last season for academic issues, Mayo still has the most Big East experience of the three shooting guards, and is expected by many to start once the season rolls around.

Here is a question and answer transcript from media day with Mayo.

-What is it like having your brother in town?

"It has definitely been good. We've been split up for about two or three years and to be back together is good. It's always good to family around."

-Do you see having a family member in town as a positive influence?

"Yeah, just in case anything bad happens or if I just want to get away or need someone to talk to, he's right there in my back yard."

-You both will be able to see each other play more often. What will that mean for your game?

"It is definitely going to be competitive. It's not the first time we have lived in the same town at the same time but it will be competitive."

-Last year got off to a rough start. What will it mean for you to be with your team throughout the entire season?

"It is just the opportunity. As long as I can control what happens today and tomorrow, I think everything will pan out."

-How has rehab been going for your knee?

"Rehab has been going great. I just got to stay on top of it and continue to strengthen it to get it stronger than my other leg. I feel like it is at 100 percent and I just need to continue to strengthen it not only throughout the season, but as my whole career goes on."

-This team did not shoot well from long range last season. How will your skill set help the team improve in that area?

"It's really just about playing ball. Get to the rim, take good shots, take open shots and play inside-out. That's all I'm looking for."

-How will you be able to step up into a bigger role now that Vander is gone?

"I can pretty much do whatever I need to do and whatever the team needs me to do. I just need to control what goes on today and what goes on the next day and just do it in practice each and every day and that will lead off into the games. I don't look at it as a big role, I don't look at it as a small role. It is just even."

-Do you think you are ready to take charge of this team for the first time in your career?

"It is definitely an opportunity, but as long as I can control what is going on today, tomorrow and leading up to the season, I think I have an opportunity to do what I am supposed to do and what people think I can do."

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