Buzz Williams, how he got better in offseason

It is always interesting talking with Buzz Williams about any basketball topic. At MU's recent Media Day, he was asked about what he worked on in the offseason. Besides losing 15 lbs competiting against staffers Todd Smith and Ernest Eugene, Buzz likes to talk to and study with older coaches he can trust. He says, "The best coaches are the ones who have been at the worst jobs."

Part 1: [6 min audio]

In part 2 of our audio interview, after talking weight loss, I asked Buzz about this yr's team which has experience in the post, which is unusual for a D-1 team. Williams said that post Davante Gardner is the most talented player on the team and starting Center Chris Otule, now in his 6th yr after 2 medical red shirts, works out like a 'man' and is professional in every workout or drill he does.

Part 2:[6 min]

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