ASU 79 MU 77

TEMPE, Ariz...7-2 Jordan Bachynski blocked Derrick Wilson's driving right side lane runner with 2 seconds left and Arizona State beat No. 25 Marquette 79-77. ASU was leading 78-77, but Jermaine Marshall hit only 1 of 2 free throws with 7 seconds left, giving Marquette a final shot. MU's PG Derrick Wilson quickly dribbled up the floor drove past his defender

until ASU's Bachynski moved across the lane to block the shot.

Talented PG Jahii Carson led ASU with 23 points and five assists.Marquette played without leading scorer Todd Mayo who was out with an ankle injury. Jake Thomas had 16 pts. all in the second half making 5 of 9 three pointer to help MU erase a 10-point halftime deficit. Davante Gardner led MU with 18 and Wilson had a career high 12 with seven assists.

According to the press room quotes: "I think I had a good opportunity," Derrick Wilson said. "I saw the big fellow a little bit late, but looked at the clock and saw that there were only three seconds left so I had to take the shot. It was a good look, he just made the better play."

#13 ASU's Bachynski tries to block a shot.

Buzz Williams said on the post game ESPN 540 radio show with Steve True and Jimmy Mac.

Buzz:" I think they are really good….I think it is really hard to win when your opponent shoots 54%. I thought we did a great job in transition defense. They only had 8 pts tonight and have been scoring at a higher clip than that in their previous games. I thought #13 was dominant at both ends. With 4 turnovers and what we did on the glass was good but not good if they shoot 54% which is what they did in both halves

[on Derrick Wilson]Buzz: I believe in Derrick regardless of our fan base the twitter followers….I like guys who others don't believe in. I am glad he played well he is hard to take him off the floor. It is hard to play 4 games in 8 days..and to play your lead guard for 39 minutes.

[What did you want to set up in the shot out of the timeout in front of the bench? How much did #13 Bacinchi alter the shot…?] Our staff did a really good job with a scouting report...our team was engaged and locked in[to the report] other than 5 or 6 possessions. We thought #13 was who #13[really] was. [What about the final play after the Time out with 7 seconds left] We…attacked the basket…there was back end action to that[play]…we were doing the right thing by attacking the basket…do we need a 2 or 3…the mentality to attack was the right mentality…during the media timeout we went over [the options]

[Jake Thomas had 16 second half pts]

[Jake Thomas]I believe in Jake too…you have to deserve and earn the right to make shots…and our work prior to this game…we earned that right …they guarded us the same way everyone does…6 feet off…call it zone…call it switching…call it we aren't guarding you because we don't think you can shoot….I think that is how every team will play us.

Even acknowledging the opponents view how we shoot…we cannot allow an opponent to shoot 54% and have a shot to win. Only .05% of our possessions resulted in turnovers. Our turnover rate was best since I have been here….that is incredible…that is just 4 TOs in 70 possessions…and they had been playing in an 86 possession game so far this yr…so we had it tempo'd down the right way…we would like to get it [opponent shooting % down to 39%] but you need to get it down to 40% to 42% but not 54%

They have some good NBA players…#13 is a good player with an NBA skill set…#1 will be an early entry the first sub 6 foot guard taken …the transfer kid from Penn State really he changes the complexion of the team…the Juco kid changes the complexion…

[Jajuan Johnson with some quality minutes]

[How much better do you feel about after this game? ] I am a simple minded guy….I just want to play really really hard…dive for loose balls …value the basketball on every possession…and if we do that not to sound like Nick Sabin but the desire turns into results…I am pleased with how hard we played …I am disappointed that we lost…at the end, you can philosophize all you want to but we got beat…that is how you are judged. As long as we keep playing really hard…I will be happy.

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