Creighton 67 Marquette 49

OMAHA, Neb. – Doug McDermott scored 19 points and Jahenns Manigat added 16, as Creighton defeated Marquette 67-49 in front of 18,525 watching the Bluejays'(11-2, 1-0) first game ever in The Big East Conference. Jamil Wilson and Chris Otule score 10 points each MU(8-6, 0-0) but the Eagles shot just 38.5 percent.

Buzz Williams was interviewed by Homer True and Jimmy Mac on the 540 ESPN post game show.

Buzz Williams: "Defensively, other than the two long offensive rebounds, we held them to 16 pts under their average. They shot 55% of their shots from three. We held them 20 pts lower than their average…We have to find ways to score. We played hard. We have to play harder. We played better than we have been to the scouting report. We had three blown assignments in the 1H and 5 more in 2H. We need to get the ball inside more and we need to get more than 9 FTs. Jamil needs to shoot better than 0-4. We need 17 FT makes.

Buzz: [offense problems] "Juan's first shot was a bad shot. JJ took a bad shot on a quick turn in transition in 1 H. I don't know if we took bad shots, but we just cannot turn the ball over 15 times. If it is a 73 possession game and we turn the ball over 15 times. That TO rate is too high. We need that # to be at 10. not 15. We need the FT makes to be higher.

Buzz: [Early subs]"I took Juan out because the ball did not touch the paint. I ran guys in and out quick; in this environment they lose their wind quicker than normal.

Buzz[Help defense does not help?] I think our staff did a good job. It is unique that 34 is their 5 and he shot 9 shots all from three. Coming in he shot 100 balls and 95 of them were from three. So Chris Otule has an inside advantage…he has 10 and 5….but you are not running to the paint, you are running to the corner…Davante and Chris had blown assignments on 34. They never helped.

[did you see any Good things?]Buzz:" we score a lot more transition in 2H. We need to score pts in transition. We need to score pts in the first 10 seconds in the clock. In order for that to happen, we need to get stops. We have to get the ball inside. We have to get to the bonus quickly. I thought some of the high stuff that we ran for Davante was good. We want him to drive that.

[good job by Burton on McDermott]Buzz:" Deonte is coming. JJ is coming. Where Deonte struggles is not in the moment but with it takes for him to get to the moment. He is starting to figure it out . I told him 2 days ago that he is really hard to guard. You just cannot Ron Artest them all the time…you cannot big boy them all the are not the big boy anymore ..and I think that clicked and I think he is trying to get it.

" I did not think they would shoot 55% of their shots from 3. They are second in the country in FGM. I thought how we trapped was the right play…I thought how we guarded their ball screens was the right play…

" You almost have to play them like an NBA team with the floor so spaced. They have 4 guys on the floor who can shoot threes. So #12 is 4 of 9 from 3…100% of 34's shots were from three….40% of McDermott's shots were from three.

"That is unique and we got outscored by 5 in the second half. We cannot turn it over

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