Butler 69 Marquette 57 in OT

After taking a 40-28 lead with 16minutes left in the game, Marquette was able to score just 17 points over the last 21 minutes and lost to Butler 69-57 in OT. Butler [11-7. 1-5 Big East] was led by Khyle Marshall and Kellen Dunham who both scored 18. Marquette [10-8, 2-3) were led by Davante Gardner's 17 pts. And 10 rebounds. The Wilsons, Jamil and Derrick, added 13 each.

[Gardner scored 17 pts vs Butler]

Jake Thomas made two FTs to tie the score at 47 with 4.6 seconds left and sent the game into OT. After scoring 23 pts. in the second half, Butler scored 20 in the OT periods getting off to a quick 7-0 run to start the OT and a 12-2 run to stay ahead.

Butler trailed for most of the game and did not take the lead until Durham's three point play with 4minutes left in the game. Marquette trailing 49-45 tied the game when Jamil Wilson scored on a dunk and on 2 FTs by Thomas.

The Marquette team flew out of Indianapolis to Washington DC for the Monday night game with Georgetown.

[Not even the quiet efforts of MU team Chaplain Fr William J Kelly, SJ could help MU hit shots in the 2nd half]

Buzz Williams said on his post-game AM 540 ESPN radio show with Steve True and Jim McIlvaine,

[Homer: Tough loss]

[Buzz] "I think it puts a lot of stress on your defense when your offense cannot score. ….you have to make bunnies…and the uncontested open looks. It was not one guy, it was all of us. It was hard to score 5 baskets in the last 20 minutes of play. I think to push it in to OT; we showed a lot of grit to come back. I think they scored on four of the first 5 possessions in OT. I think they change the scoreboard when the ball goes through the net. I think we need that to happen a little more.

[Derrick Wilson vs Butler]

[Mac: what about the technical foul on Jamil at the end…Jamil looked confused.]

[Buzz] ‘A really bad call.'

[Homer…the Difficulty of scoring…was it more Marquette than Butler or the Butler defense?]

[Buzz]I always want to give credit to the opponent. I thought our looks were good looks. Derrick missed 2 lay ups. Davante had point blank looks. I think Davante missed his last 5 shots. You have to make shots. I think Jake and Todd are our 2 best shooters and they went 3-17, that is hard to overcome. I thought Davante lead us in shot attempts. Jamil was second. That is what we want. I thought Derrick's pace was as good as it was all yr. He played with renewed confidence. But we don't need to turn the ball over 16 times. In a 72 possession game that is 20 to 21% of our possessions. That is too high. We need a shot attempt…even when we miss one …in hopes that we can get an offensive rebound.

[Homer: talk about what went into your sub pattern today…4 guys who played 30 min+]

[Buzz]"I thought our first group was as good as it has been. First 4 min of 1H and first 4 min of 2H even how we closed the 1H. I thought the first team played really well. Played to scouting report. They played heavy minutes. They played in a good rhythm. They [Butler] started 2 4s…and you could say 3 4s, their 3rd 4 has good post skills…so I thought our first group matched up well with them. I liked how we started both halves in really good.

[Gtown…lost to SHall today]

[Buzz] It will be two more desperate teams on Monday.

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