Mayo Ties it/ MU beats Gtown in OT, 80-72

WASHINGTON – Todd Mayo's 23 foot three from the left key with 6.3 seconds remaining in regulation, tied the score at 65 and put the game in OT. Then, freshman G John Dawson scored 7 points in OT as Marquette beat Georgetown 80-72. MU was led by Davante Gardner's 20 points and Steve Taylor chipped in with 14 pts off the bench.

Steve Taylor

Marquette (11-8, 3-3 Big East) scored the first seven points of overtime and then 8 for 8 from the free-throw line to hold the lead. Georgetown(11-7, 3-4) guards Markel Starks [28pts] and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera [24 pts] combined for 52 of the Hoyas 72 pts.

Georgetown had a 56-49 lead with 4:54 remaining but MU came back with a 3-pointer by Jake Thomas and a ‘send it in' fast break dunk by Jamil Wilson, closing the deficit to 60-58 with 2 minutes to play. Starks missed 1 of 2 free throws with 17 seconds to play, giving Mayo the chance to put the game into OT.

Here is a transcript from the 540 ESPN post-game radio show with Steve True and Jim McIlvaine with Buzz Williams.

[MAC: Buzz…Last play of regulation in Todd getting the three]

Buzz: I am really tired. I thought how we handled the last 2 min…we were down every possession until Todd hit the three…I thought we played with good poise…we were in the bonus…we did not just jack up threes…how we played offense to defense alternating with the calls we had to make…played with good poise which you have to play with to win a game against a good team like this.…

John Dawson

[Homer: You had to be perfect…]

Buzz: I got kind of lost…normally I can go things chronologically about the things that happened during the game. The shot clock violation…all the stuff that was happening..when they were reviewing the play..….I cannot go thru it in my mind right now.…

[Homer: It seemed to me that you came out on the short end of one or two of the calls and you came through.]

Buzz: That is what you have to do…our kids handled it really well..

[Homer: On the last play, it looked like they were trying to guard Jamil Wilson and Mayo got a good look.]

Buzz: How teams are guarding Jamil on the perimeter…and Jake on the perimeter…and even Todd…it is all the same- a really hard show, literally almost a face guard…even against Butler, I thought Jake and Todd had to work incredibly hard just to get space…that is what happened tonight. The shots that Jamil took from three…were open, decent looks, some even better than decent .Jake and Todd hit some big three point shots….John hit the three in front of our bench...that was huge.

[Homer…who is John Dawson…he has not played…why this game?]

Buzz: He was the guy who was unranked and everyone said was a throw in…I thought he was in a really good grove…Derrick picked up 2 fouls relatively quick…my concern with John at the end of the game when watched a lot of tape with respect to #4 and #5[Gtown Guards] those guys shot 38 of 61 balls …coming into today's game, they shot 55% of their teams FGs…and 75% of their threes in Big East play…I thought John and Jake did a nice job and what Derrick was able to do at the end when we were substituting offense for defense was really good.

[Homer…John Dawson and Steve Taylor for the whole season 18 games had a combined 36 pts…but had 26 tonight.]

Buzz: Good for them….That is a heck of a [stat] line for John. I think Steve was making up for lost time but he was in such a good grove. He was making up for lost time. His glide speed is faster than your typical 6-8 guys…he is ‘sneaky good' in gaps…and the symmetry that he and Davante played with….a guy in the high post and a guy coming across….I would not say that every zone offense is the same…against the want to have a guy in the high post and a guy in the short corner…when we throw it to the high post…we tilt our guards down and we literally have the short corner guy have the option to go…to stress[def] them out…and Steve was catching at the high post and their guards[Gtown Guards] have to go with the tilt...and we can throw it right back to the sweat spot.

[Gardner led the team in assists] Finally! I have been waiting for him to be more efficient. He has played some heavy heavy min as of late.

[Homer: what stands out for you tonight?]

Buzz: "How Derrick handled not playing as much…how Deonte and Chris and Juan were so supportive of Steve. I do think you will continue to get the same test and pass it. I told the team, how we handle this will determine how we get to the next thing…and pass it.

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