MU loses to Prov in 2 OTs, 81-80

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Davante Gardner's 75 foot heave at the end of regulation seemed to give MU a 62-59 comeback win as it was initially ruled as good but then the officials saw that it had left his hand just after the red light appeared on the basket. Instead of a win, the game went into overtime and a second overtime before Providence won 81-80.

Senior Bryce Cotton in his final home game scored 25 points to help PC to the win. MU was led by Todd Mayo's 26 pts and 11 rebounds. Mayo's final shot at the end of the 2nd OT bounced off the rim and Davante Gardner could not tip it in before the horn sounded. .

Gardner finished with 15 points and 10 rebounds and Jamil Wilson had 11 points and 14 rebounds. MU overcame an 11-point deficit in the second half to force overtime when Mayo hit all three FTs to tie the game at 59.

Here is an excerpt from the post game show on 540AM ESPN with Homer and Mac.

[Homer the Final inbound…plays]

Buzz: "That last play…With 5 seconds left …knowing they would have to foul you….you would hope that we could get the ball inbounds… but it did not work out that way…Set a screen for Todd, rolled Jake back down the lane after he set the screen…bring Davante from the weak side…and if you cannot get it to the strong side…get it to Davante on the weak side…I will take any 3 of those guys shooting FTs.

[Mac: Todd Mayo was incredible in 2 H] Kept us in the game. Played pretty well in the 1H too…played really big that was the best that he has been here... Arguably as good as he has been defensively I was really pleased. Just the way he made shots and the way he was fighting the same way everyone else was.

[Homer: Davante's shot good at the end of regulation…did you know?]

Buzz: "I did not know…I was just trying to keep everyone from acting like clowns. I did not know…

[Homer…you were down by 11…and you had to make plays and you did…]

I thought if felt like an ‘us' fight…I thought all of us were connected in the right way emotionally… how we responded from Sunday. We have been away from home since Friday. All of us fought.. I thought our guys played great… we were locked into the scouting report. I thought our ATOs and execution kept us in the game. It kept us in the game. It was stuff we never ran before in a game so I was really pleased that we ran them so well…

[Homer: It was a great game…but…how do you feel…only time in the game where you were might have been in control was the last inbound...]

Buzz: "Yes…good point…

[end of interview]

[Homer]Wow…MU loses in 2OT...…clearly he used all of his voice..

[Mac]Did not leave anything on the table…

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