Matt Carlino carries on Family Legacy at MU

Here is my interview with transfer PG Matt Carlino. He has been on campus for two weeks. Since he is one of the older guys on the team, he is trying to be a leader. A HS star player from Ariz, Matt signed with UCLA then left after one semester for BYU. We saw him play last March in the Bradley Center as the starting PG when BYU played Oregon in the NCAA Tournament.

Three weeks later he decided as a Sr to transfer to MU and play right away like Trent Lockett did 2 yrs. ago. The keys to his decision were [1]Wojo’s recruiting message [from one PG to another] and Matt’s family ties to MU. Matt’s great uncle Brian Brunkhorst, starred for MU in the ‘60s on Al McGuire's first teams that advanced to the post season tournaments.

Before the interview, I watched Carlino score 36 pts in the Scion Dental Summer League. He is a feisty left handed PG who can play defense. He has 28 foot shooting range and can drive to the hoop and hit the pull up. For long time MU fans, I would say that Carlino is a little bit like Gary Rosenberger [’74-78][long range shooter] and Dave Delsman [’71-74][feisty competitor] in a blender.

He does have a nice passing touch and feel for the game. Marquette needs a PG scorer to spread defenses. Here is my 7 min audio interview with him.

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