Sandy Cohen the only Freshman on '14-15 Team

Sandy Cohen is the only one of the 4 players in the 2014 recruiting class to remain at Marquette after Buzz left for Va Tech. The reason is that new MU head coach Steve Wojciechowski made Cohen an immediate priority, traveling up to Seymour, WI[about 15 min outside of Green Bay] on the 2nd day on the job.

Wojo developed a rapport and Cohen decided to stay at MU fulfilling a lifelong dream of playing at MU.

The 6-4 180 lb Cohen has a skill set that allows him to do a little bit of everything...three point shots, body control to the hoop....very good shot blocker on defense. Very raw but with a high ceiling. He is taking 6 credits of summer school and working out in skill sessions with the coaching staff.

Here is my 6 min interview with Sandy Cohen

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