Luke Fischer:Talent at a Position of Need

6-11 post Luke Fischer's transfer to MU was one of the few bright spots in the “stress sandwich” that was the Marquette 2013-2014 basketball season. The former Germantown HS star had attended Indiana for one semester but decided to transfer at Christmas. At the formal press conference announcing Fischer's transfer, then Marquette Assistant Coach Jerry Wainright said that getting a post player

like Fisher, who could play the stretch four position, was like "opening up a Christmas present on January 9."

Last semester, Fisher was able to practice with two experienced senior post players, 6th year C Chris Otule and 4th year C/PF Devante Gardner. Working with a new player with Fisher’s skill set was a huge plus for Otule and Gardner who had grown tired of bumping and banging each other for four consecutive years.

I recently asked Coach Wainright how Luke progressed during the 2nd semester and what he likes about Fischer's skill set.

In Part 1 of my interview[8min], Wainwright identifies Fischer's ability to pass, lauds his work ethic and his quick and explosive jumping ability down low.

In Part 2 of the audio[7min], Wainwright mentions that the staff 'reconfigured' Fischer's jump shot at practice. Jerry was impressed with Luke's ability to move his feet, allowing him to guard the pick and roll out high.

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