Q +A : with transfer PG Matt Carlino

Marquette benefitted from the 'Russell Wilson' rule when Trent Lockett transferred from Arizona State for his '12-13 Senior season. Lockett did not have to sit out and added a graduate degree from Marquette. This year, another transfer with Arizona ties will be able to play right away as PG Matt Carlino will be eligible to play in '14-15 for new Coach Steve Wojciechowski. MU needed some scoring

punch from the PG position and Carlino was made to order for that role. After starring in high school down in Arizona, Carlino signed with UCLA. When it became clear that it was not a good fit, he transferred to BYU where graduated this May after completing his third yr of eligiblity. Marquette fans got a preview of his skills when Carlino played a game at The Bradley Center when Marquette hosted BYU vs Oregon in the NCAA Tourney last March.

[Carlino's lefty jumper reminds some former MU player Gary Rosenberger.]

DoddsOnSports: Welcome to Marquette.

Matt Carlino:"Thank you. It is super nice to be part of the Marquette family especially with Coach Wojo there. I have family at Marquette. My great uncle, Brian Brunkhorst, used to play at Marquette. It’s great having family there right away. He is my grandfather’s brother. I heard he was a little tougher than me. They said he was one of the toughest guys ever to play at Marquette. Needless to say he is not a guy who you want to get in a bar fight with.

DOS: Why Marquette? Was it Wojo? Was it your great uncle Brian playing here? Family tradition?

Matt Carlino: The main reason is because of Coach Wojo, but I had so many family connections at Marquette that it already feels like home. I have never been able to say that about a place but I felt that way right away.

DOS:. Since you have arrived here in Milwaukee, what parts of your game are you working on?

Matt Carlino: I am working on everything – strength and being a leader with the team. I am one of the older guys on the team. Since I have more experience than some of the others, I want to work on being a leader. It’s tough because I just got here, but I want to work on all facets of the game: dribbling, shooting and passing – overall, being a point guard.

[Carlino reminds others of former lefty MU G Dave Delsman who played on the '73-74 Final Four team.]

DOS: I saw you play during the Scion Dental Summer League. Your shooting range was out to 28 feet. How would you describe your game to some of the Marquette fans who have never seen you play?

Matt Carlino: I can shoot and I can put the ball on the floor. I am a distributor and a leader. I am a point guard so I can bring all the things that a point guard brings. I can make open shots and I can get the teammates involved. I am just trying to be the best point guard that I can be.

DOS: It looks like you could play the 1[PG] or the 2G shooting positions.

Matt Carlino: Since I have been in college, I have only played the point guard position. But whatever Coach Wojo wants I will do.

DOS: Until Luke Fischer comes on board at the end of the semester, it looks like Marquette is going to be playing very small and they will need someone who can stick the 3 off the weak side. At BYU, did you try to get to the lane or did you create space within the 3 thread?

Matt Carlino: I was the main penetrator at BYU and I shot the mostly threes. I think we have a lot of guards so I don’t think it will be a 1 or 2 type deal. I wouldn’t even put out a 1 or 2 (classification) on it.

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