Travis is Back

He is back! After 9 yrs as a professional basketball player in the US and Italy, Travis Diener has returned to the MU program. In a recent interview, I wanted to better understand his role with the team, get his take on the '14-15 team but I was quickly distracted and asked him about his memories of the great 2003 Final Four run with wins over Holy Cross, Missouri and Kentucky.

His current role with the program: “It is a little bit of everything. I cannot go out and actively recruit until they come on campus. I do whatever coach wants. Work in the community, work with former players, I can be at practice but I cannot go on the court and practice if they are short a player. I can talk to the guys after practice.”

he Diener family seems to be all about coaching. His dad, his uncles, his cousins have all been coaches in high school or college. Ten yrs ago I asked Travis about getting into coaching and he was less than enthusiastic. What about now?: ‘My experience in college, I saw how hard Coach Crean and the assistants worked. Coach [Wojo] is a family man and allows us to spend time with our families. The key for me is to try to find a balance key to spend time with my two daughters. I don’t want to spend time in an office. [Coaching?] I don’t know where I will be in five yrs.‘

I asked Travis about the run to the Four. Back in 2003, after the scoring 29 pts vs Holy Cross and 26 vs Missouri, CBS said that the MVP of the NCAA Tourney through two games was Travis Diener.

Listen to part 1 of my three part audio interview with Travis. [part 1/ 10 min segment below]

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