Georgetown 65 Marquette 59

Here is the post game quotes from Steve Wojciechowski on the ESPN 540 radio show with Steve 'the Homer' True and Jim McIlvaine.

[Jajuan Johnson dunks vs Gtown]

[Homer: made a couple of runs to make it close…cut it to one….but then the turnovers.]

Wojo: “Our guys played hard. The turnovers were crucial. They scored 1/3 of their pts off our turnovers. The story of the game boils down to that. A number of them were unforced and they happened at critical times. One of them when we were down one with the ball. We had to play our defense without fouling and we need to attack the rim better and get to foul line. We cannot win a game when there was a big foul discrepancy.

[MAC: you had only 23 FGM off of 10 assists]

Wojo:" I would like the % to be higher. In general is has been for us. But the two road games for whatever reason, we have been uncharacteristically loose with the ball. Obviously, Gtown is a good team but a lot of them were unforced. We held them to 2 FGs over the last 16min of the half. When teams have to play against our half-court defense, we are pretty good in it. But when we turnover it over and they are able to scored before we have a chance to get our defense set. That is where we get hurt. 19 of their 65 pts were off of TOs and they shot a ton of FTs.

[Homer…going strong to the hoop and accepting the contact. ]

Wojo: "We cannot avoid contact. We have to go right to the contact. That is something that Gtown must have done well. But I think our team is playing hard and we are getting better but to win on the road, you cannot have the turnovers we have had.

[Homer: Luke Fischer was 6-6…making 80%+]

Wojo: "We have to continue to figure out ways to get him the ball in areas where he can work. He is shooting at a high % and he is unselfish and overall, really makes good decisions. We must continue figure out how to get him the ball in the low post.

[Homer: down 11…you came back…]

Wojo: "We were able to create some turnovers. I thought our guys were active especially after the first 4 min of 1H where we were very lethargic. The last 16 min of that half our defense was really good. What killed us were the turnovers. In order to win on the road in this league you cannot have empty possessions. We are not good enough an offensive team where we can give up shot at the basket

[Homer: what does the week off mean to you?]

Wojo: "It is good. Coming back from Xmas we had to carefully manage our ….because we have limited #s we have to manage practice…not able to practice as much as we would like …guys are playing heavy minutes…there are quick turnarounds in the game. ..We can have longer practices over the next 8 days and sharpen up the things we need to improve on.

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