Xavier 63 MU 59,MU's 18 turnovers fuel Xavier

Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski was not pleased after Marquette’s 63-59 loss today at Xavier. In the postgame radio show interview on ESPN AM 540 in Milwaukee with Steve “the Homer” True and Jim McIlvaine. Wojo expressed his displeasure.</

[Homer: “We’ve been down this road before, good but not good enough”]

Wojo: “Yes, I am not pleased. I am not pleased. We should have won the game. We should have won the game. That is taking nothing away from an outstanding Xavier team. Obviously they have a great home court and are well coached. I am not into moral victories. We should have won the game. At the start of the second half we had 10 turnovers in the first 10 minutes and that is getting old. It is getting really old.

[Mac: “Coach, Xavier probably one of the more challenging teams to scout. They have such balance offensively. It looked like their 2 top scorers had trouble getting into rythym today offensively. Was that a focus for you today?]

Wojo: “Stainbrook is one of the best big men in the country. I think he is terrific. He can score but he is also a really good passer. He is a real key to their team. So we wanted to have an awareness of where he was all the time. Overall our defense was pretty good. They were averaging 80 points a game and are one of the most well rounded teams in our league. Our defense was pretty good especially in the first half when we were pressuring them. At times we get fatigued but our offense killed us. Our offense killed us.

[Homer: “Did they change anything in the second half?...they got so many easy baskets. In the first half you had steals…they only had 4 turnovers in the second half. In the half court it became tough for you to score.]

Wojo: “In the second half when you get a lead and you are not playing many guys guys can start thinking if I take a deep breath here I will be ready for the last part of the game. But you can’t do that. They had some guys that really stepped up for them and made big shots. If I could change anything it would be the 18 turnovers.”

[Homer: “In the second have they had 4 turnovers and you had 12.

Wojo: “You can’t win like that. But that being said we had a point blank layup to take the lead. I’m disappointed. I’m just disappointed.”

[Homer: “This one seemed to have bothered you significantly more than the others.]

Wojo: “We have a young team. We have a team that’s coming together and figuring out the Big East. We’ve been down this road before and we should learn from that and we obviously haven’t.”

[Homer: “JaJuan Johnson did not play today. You only played 7 players. Was there a reason?”

Wojo: “Yeah, I didn’t think the way Jajuan practiced that he would be ready to play today. You have to bring it every day in our program. That is the standard that we have and will have. If you don’t show that in a practice I don’t have a lot of confidence putting you into a game especially a Big East game on the road.”

[Homer: Even if it leaves you with only 7 players?”]

Wojo: “Yes, were not going to compromise. Once you start compromising one thing you will compromise another. Look, there’s a standard that we are going to have at Marquette. And the standard is you give your best every day and if you can not do that you are not worthy…the guys that played and we did not play well all the time but they got themselves prepared and played very hard.”

[Homer: “When you needed a 3 he got you a 3.”]

Wojo: “Matt was 6 for 9 from 3. He was the one we wanted to go to…Obviously we were not the only team that knew that. Matt can make and did make a lot of good shots for us. Xavier is a very good team.”

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