3 Thoughts from Marquette vs. Butler

It was an afternoon where the past met the future, as former Golden Eagle Wes Matthews and future Marquette forward Henry Ellison were on hand Saturday as Marquette took on Butler. Unfortunately, no player past or present could help the Golden Eagles end their four-game losing skid. Marquette held a 10-point lead with a little over four minutes to play in regulation.

Butler came storming back thanks to missed shots and turnovers to force overtime. In overtime, Butler carried kept the momentum going and left the Bradley Center with a 72-68 victory.

Marquette Can’t Close

Most would look at Marquette blowing a 10 point lead with four minutes to go in regulation, and use that as exhibit A for lack of a killer instinct. But the squad’s lack of ability to go into that extra gear was evident long before then. Marquette took the lead just under a minute into the second half. With an opportunity to extend the lead on countless possessions, the Golden Eagles simply just missed shots keeping it a one or two possession game for much of the second half.

In particular, guard Duane Wilson missed more layups, or “bunnies” as the kids say, throughout the entire game that could have put Marquette in the drivers seat. Weather this is a sign of inexperience or a flaw in his game I guess only time will team.

For right now, Marquette is a team with an identity. Unfortunately for Steve Wojciechowsi this team’s identity is based more off of work ethic than performance.

Your Daily Dose of Positive

Half of the team was in double figures. Unfortunately, Marquette only has eight guys. In all seriousness, Marquette’s defense was really good on the afternoon. The Golden Eagles held junior Roosevelt Jones to just three points, while forcing 13 turnovers. The Golden Eagles also held the lead for a little under 18 minutes of the contest.

Partying Like Its 1999

It’s been awhile since the Marquette community has experienced a season quite like this one. In fact, the last time Marquette was below .500 at this point in the season Celion Deion’s “I’m Your Angel” was number one on the charts. That’s right, in order to fully comprehend how dreadful this season has been you need to go back to the Mike Deane era. The date was January 13th, 1999, and an 8-8 Marquette basketball team took a 78-63 drubbing at the hands of Louisville. It seems like every time Marquette fans ask themselves: is this rock bottom? The answer appears to be a resounding no.

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