Signature Win in Wojo Era: MU 57 SHall 54

NEWARK, N.J.- With leading scorer Matt Carlino out with a concussion, Marquette’s bench players Steve Taylor Jr. and JaJuan Johnson came up big contributing 14 points each leading Marquette (11-12, 3-8 Big East) to a 57-54 win over Seton Hall(15-8, 5-6). The Pirates had two opportunities to score over the last 19 seconds but the Golden Eagles hung on, ending a 6 game losing streak.

[Wojo watches as his shorthanded team gets a huge road win at Seton Hall]

Here is the ESPN 540 post game radio show with Kent Summerfeld subbing for an ill Steve ‘the Homer’ True.

[Kent: Sign of relief and a gritty gutty performance here today..]

Wojo: I am very proud of our team. We have played thru a lot of adversity and to have our leading scorer[Matt Carlino, concussion] go down and the guys step up as they did, just very proud of them. I challenged the younger guys to step up…it was time for them to cross the bridge…from being young players to being winning players….I thought JJ[JaJuan Johnson] had his best game. Steve Taylor played just a man’s game. That was very exciting to see. We wanted to get the ball into the paint and we were able to do that with 42 out of our 57 pts in the paint.

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[Steve Taylor]

[Kent: how did you successfully the drive the ball into paint for open looks?

Wojo: ] I thought we were very patient offensively. We did not run as much in today’s game. We went the more conservative route…made an effort to get the ball into the post..get the ball into the paint and our guys stuck to the game plan to their credit were rewarded for it.

[Kent…you seemed to make that extra pass ]

Wojo: “ One thing I really liked about our offense was that you did not know who was scoring, it was Marquette scoring… it was a very good game…a function of working together…a very good performance by our guys against a good team on their home court in a game that they needed.

[Kent: this game you played a full 40 min of consistent basketball]

Wojo: “It was the closest it has been to 40 min. We had some huge defensive stops. At the end we got some big defensive rebounds. Duane Wilson knocking down the two FTs…was huge…when they got the ball at the end, we wanted to foul but Gibbs got in to his shooting motion . Sometimes it does not work out that way you want it to but our guys found a way to win and I am proud of them and their fight.Under 5 seconds we want to foul. Unfortunately Gibbs was already shooting the ball, he just got the ball with too much space. It is something that we can work on going forward.

[Kent: talk about Steve Taylor’s performance.]

Wojo: Most physical he has played all season. We challenged him to do over the past couple of days to be a much more physical player…and as a result, he played the best game of the season.’

[#40 Luke Fischer]

[Kent: what about Jajuan Johnson? 14 pts…]

Wojo: JJ has had his best practice…his best attitude of the entire yr was over the last week. This was building. His performance today was not just a function of getting up today in Newark and deciding to play. It was a function of great preparation.

{Kent: I know you have a celebration today…your parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. You gave them a nice gift today. ]

Wojo: This is the gift[win over Shall] they wanted. 50 yrs….I have been fortunate to be surrounded by good people in my life and there have been none better than my mom and my dad.’

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