Providence 77 Marquette 66

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Marquette trailed by 24 pts but cut it to five but # 25 Providence held on to defeat Marquette 77-66. The Friars (20-9, 10-6)were led by LaDontac Henton’s 25 pts and 15 rebounds . Marquette (11-17, 3-13) was led by Freshman Duane Wilson’s 22 pts and Senior Matt Carlino’s 21 pts and 6 assists.

The key for Marquette was when Center Luke Fischer picked up 3 quick fouls to begin the 2nd half and sat for 7 minutes. Providence extended its 40-29 halftime lead and led by as many as 24 pts before Duane Wilson’s string of three point shots pulled MU to within 7, 70-63…but Providence held on. The key to the game was the Friars 45-25 domination of the backboards. Kris Dunn had 16 pts and 9 assists for Providence.

[Duane Wilson had 22 pts and rallied MU with 5 long threes in the 2H]


Here is a transcript of the ESPN 540 post-game interview with MU Head Coach Steve Wojciechowski with Steve the Homer True and Jim McIlvaine.

Homer: It did not look good…then you made a run.

Wojo: “ I did not like our competitive spirit throughout the game with the exception of Duane, Matt and Derrick in the 2H. I did not think that we were competitive collectively and that is on me. Having Juan Anderson our best rebounder operating at 40% hurts us. I hurts not having him in there…and the other guys are not good rebounders at this point in their careers.…so we got absolutely punished[45 -25]…on the offensive glass. We are not going to win games like that. We have to be a lot more competitive.

Jimmy Mac: You played Juan just 7 min….will that improve going forward…or is this a day by day thing?]

Wojo: “I am not a doc but he is not at full speed the rest of the yr…he does not practice…that is the only way he can play[well] in a game…..losing Juan is a big loss…Juan has been a really good player for us…and he has been our best rebounder….he is a great hustle and energy guy…and Juan, competes…we have asked some of our younger guys…with less be competitors…I think they should be able to do it but that being said, without Duane and Matt, it would have been a 40 pt game[win by Prov]….the only bright spot was the huddle when Duane Wilson took over. I want my guys to be that way.

Jimmy Mac: when Duane picked up his 4th PF, he motioned to you to keep him in.] He plays with Spirit.

Wojo: That is college basketball. I am not saying that our guys have to run every play the right way…….I want guys to play with spirit…but they should compete on every possession…

Homer: Duane took some deep threes….so far away that he had to smile when they went in….he is never fearful of anything.

Wojo: Duane is going to be an all rookie in BEast…bright future…Duane is a be a college basketball player, you need competitiveness……Duane is a scorer… capable of big shooting nights…I would not say that he is a great shooter at this point in his career…but he has no fear…he gave us life at the end…we had a chance…[cut it to]single digits…I thought we got fouled and shooting FTs to cut it to 7…

Homer: Is Matt Carlino getting back into shape where he was as one of the top players in the BE?

Wojo: Matt was not able to do anything for 3 weeks…that was the right decision based the severity of the injury he had…[concussion]…to think what that does [ impact] at the guard.. …getting back to who he was …one of the best players in the big east…

Homer: Sandy Cohen lost the ball…and would not let his man score on the lay- up…he blocked the shot ..that was a key play for you…

Wojo: “Those are basketball plays…you have to do that every time. If something really good happens, you have to move on to the next play. If something really bad happens, you have to move on to the next play. You have to try to win every possession. As a unit[team] we fell way short of that today…

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