Top 25 Colleges – Based on NBA Alumni

If we throw in this year’s likely draft picks, exactly 25 colleges would have five NBA players to put on the floor. Which college alumni team would be the best in the NBA? To find out, I credited the top five players from each school with their Estimated Wins Added according to John Hollinger’s calculations at ESPN. I gave anyone in the draft or below 1.0 a 0.5 rating

25. UNLV, starting 5 wins = 2.5

No stars, but Christian Wood entering the draft can give them five to take the court.

F/C, Amundson, Knicks, 0.5

F, Marion, Cavaliers, 0.5

C, Anthony, Pistons, 0.5

F, Bennett, Timberwolves, 0.5

F, Wood, Draft, 0.5

24. Baylor, starting 5 wins = 2.5

Also no stars, but producing a front line that is already there.

F/C, Udoh, Clippers, 0.5

F, Acy, Knicks, 0.5

F, Jones, Thunder, 0.5

F, Jefferson, Nets, 0.5

F, Miller, Pistons, 0.5

23. Wisconsin, starting 5 wins = 5.2

Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky took them to the title game, and with both expected to be first found picks the could team up with guard Devin Harris to give these five former Badgers some pop.

G, Harris, Mavericks, 3.2

F, Leuer, Grizzlies, 0.5

C, Stiemsma, Raptors, 0.5

F, Dekker, Draft, 0.5

C, Kaminsky, Draft, 0.5

22. LSU, starting 5 wins = 8.7

Brandon Bass of the Celtics is the best former LSU player, and would need to lead the rest.

F, Bass, Celtics, 4.7

G, Thornton, Suns, 1.6

C, Hamilton, Timberwolves, 1.4

F/C, Davis, Clippers, 0.5

F, O'Bryant, Bucks, 0.5

21. Michigan, starting 5 wins = 9.6

Almost the whole Michigan team from a couple of years ago made it, and while Jamal Crawford is definitely the best former Wolverine, Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. are producing some.

G, Crawford, Clippers, 5.3

G, Burke, Jazz, 1.9

G, Hardaway, Knicks, 1.4

F, McGary, Thunder, 0.5

G, Stauskas, Kings, 0.5

20. Arizona, starting 5 wins = 9.7

Jordan Hill is the only player putting up some numbers, but the Cats have produced a lot of players that are making the league.

F/C, Hill, Lakers, 5.2

G/F, Iguodala, Warriors, 1.9

F, Budinger, Timberwolves, 1.1

F, Williams, Kings, 1

G, Bayless, Bucks, 0.5

19. Washington, starting 5 wins = 11.8

Isaiah Thomas Jr. has been magic since joining the Celtics and helping them to the surprise playoff run.

G, Thomas, Celtics, 8.3

G, Wroten, 76ers, 2

F/C, Hawes, Clippers, 0.5

G/F, Pondexter, Pelicans, 0.5

G/F, Holiday, Warriors, 0.5

18. Indiana, starting 5 wins = 12.3

Class act by Yogi Ferrell to cancel his announcement about the NBA draft today after a student’s death. We will count him in to give Indiana the necessary five. The big star is no surprise – Victor Oladipo who was considered for player of the year.

G, Oladipo, Magic, 7

G, Gordon, Pelicans, 2.3

F/C, Zeller, Hornets, 2

F, Vonleh, Hornets, 0.5

, Ferrell, Draft, 0.5

17. Syracuse, starting 5 wins = 12.7

Carmelo Anthony is still the top player out of Syracuse, but the Bucks’ Michael Carter-Williams is the only other one producing so far.

F, Anthony, Knicks, 7.9

G, Carter-Williams, Bucks, 3.3

G, Waiters, Thunder, 0.5

F, Grant, 76ers, 0.5

G, Ennis, Bucks, 0.5

16. Memphis, starting 5 wins = 16

G/F, Evans, Pelicans, 9.7

G, Rose, Bulls, 3.8

G, Barton, Nuggets, 1.5

F/C, Dorsey, Rockets, 0.5

F/C, Barron, Suns, 0.5

Memphis would obviously move way up the list with the healthy Derrick Rose we saw going to the hoop at the Bradley Center this weekend working with Tyreke Evans of the Pelicans. A great duo.

15. Michigan State, starting 5 wins = 18

Another school with a fantastic duo would be an NBA team out of Michigan State. They do not have a ton of talent on the court right now, by a front line that included Zach Randolph and Draymond Green would be awfully powerful.

F, Randolph, Grizzlies, 9.2

F, Green, Warriors, 7.3

G/F, Anderson, Nets, 0.5

G, Harris, Nuggets, 0.5

F/C, Payne, Timberwolves, 0.5

14. Ohio State, starting 5 wins = 19

D’Angelo Russell’s decision to enter the draft would give Ohio State quite a backcourt of NBA players with Mike Conley. If Jared Sullinger could stay healthy, this could be a tough team.

G, Conley, Grizzlies, 8.4

F, Sullinger, Celtics, 5

G/F, Turner, Celtics, 2.7

C, Koufos, Grizzlies, 2.4

G, Russell, Draft, 0.5

13. Kansas, starting 5 wins = 21.1

No players who dominated this year, but a very solid five. Obviously a healthy Andrew Wiggins and a Paul Pierce in his prime would be very formidable. You probably need to go beyond the top five win guys to have Kirk Hinrich or Mario Chalmers bring the ball up the court for these guys.

F, Morris, Suns, 5.5

G/F, Wiggins, Timberwolves, 5.1

F, Pierce, Wizards, 4.5

C, Aldrich, Knicks, 3.7

F, Morris, Suns, 2.3

12. Georgetown, starting 5 wins = 23.2

With Otto Porter really looking good late, this really good be a great five players – with Greg Monroe the one true star. However, it looks like they would need to wait another year for Smith-Rivera to have anyone to bring the ball up the court.

F/C, Monroe, Pistons, 10.4

F, Green, Grizzlies, 4.9

C, Hibbert, Pacers, 4.7

F/C, Sims, 76ers, 2.7

F, Porter, Wizards, 0.5

11. Southern California, starting 5 wins = 29.6

USC has produced some nice leaders in team captains Demar DeRozan, Nick Young and today’s hero in the Bradley Center – O.J. Mayo. At 7-feet, Nikola Vucevic put up 19 points and 11 rebounds a game at 24 years old this year, so just lob the ball inside. Taj Gibson can be awesome as well.

C, Vucevic, Magic, 13.9

G/F, DeRozan, Raptors, 7.3

F, Gibson, Bulls, 3.9

G, Mayo, Bucks, 2.6

G/F, Young, Lakers, 1.9

10. Florida, starting 5 wins = 32.8

Bradley Beal missed some games and his numbers were off – but unfortunately all Marquette fans know how dominant he can be. Him getting the ball to these four would be a very formidable.

F/C, Horford, Hawks, 12.5

F, Parsons, Mavericks, 6.4

F/C, Speights, Warriors, 5.4

C, Noah, Bulls, 4.8

G, Beal, Wizards, 3.7

9. Georgia Tech, starting 5 wins = 33.2

With a healthy Chris Bosh this team would shoot up even higher, and have a very strong team that could actually play all five positions.

F/C, Favors, Jazz, 11.7

F/C, Bosh, Heat, 7.2

F, Young, Nets, 6.3

G, Jack, Nets, 4.1

G, Morrow, Thunder, 3.9

8. Marquette, starting 5 wins = 33.2

So just to review, in their most recent playoff appearances Jae Crowder and Jimmy Butler combined to go 17 of 23 from the floor, 7-10 from beyond the arc, 8-9 from the line and have 14 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocked shots and 5 steals. Can you imagine those two putting up those numbers in the same playoff game with Dwyane Wade and a healthy Wesley Matthews on the floor? To keep five to qualify Marquette either needs Steve Novak (fewer than 200 minutes played) to stick as a three-point specialist, or have Dwight Buycks, Jerel McNeal or Vander Blue on a roster next year – but those four could go up against just about anyone.

G/F, Butler, Bulls, 13.5

G, Wade, Heat, 10.7

G, Matthews, Blazers, 5.7

F, Crowder, Celtics, 2.8

F, Novak, Thunder, 0.5

7. Texas, starting 5 wins = 33.6

Lamarcus Aldridge and a healthy Kevin Durant could take on just about anyone, and the whole team is solid.

F/C, Aldridge, Blazers, 14.2

F, Durant, Thunder, 7.8

F/C, Thompson, Cavaliers, 5.5

G, Joseph, Spurs, 3.3

G, Augustin, Thunder, 2.8

6. Connecticut, starting 5 wins = 35.1

A three-on-three tournament with Kemba Walker feeding Andre Drummond and a healthy Rudy Gay would be pretty tough to beat.

C, Drummond, Pistons, 13.6

F, Gay, Kings, 11.1

G, Walker, Hornets, 7

F, Villanueva, Mavericks, 2

G/F, Lamb, Thunder, 1.4

5. Duke, starting 5 wins = 38.1

Even with Jabari Parker not being among the top five due to his injury, Duke has 17 players on NBA rosters from which to draw. Obviously Kyrie Irving is the superstar, but J.J. Redick and Luol Deng are both back playing well again.

G, Irving, Cavaliers, 14.4

G, Redick, Clippers, 6.9

F/C, Plumlee, Nets, 6.5

F, Deng, Heat, 6.1

F/C, Boozer, Lakers, 4.2

4. North Carolina, starting 5 wins = 38.3

OK, so we would love to actually see the game between #4 UNC and #5 Duke. Both have more than enough NBA players than they could keep on a roster. The Tar Heels do not have anyone playing at Kyrie Irving’s level, but they have incredible balance with give players all worth more than six extra wins a year. Of course, there is always the chance of a UNC team being upset when seeming to have a championship team.

G, Lawson, Nuggets, 9.9

F, Davis, Lakers, 7.8

F/C, Zeller, Celtics, 7.2

G/F, Green, Spurs, 7

F/C, Wright, Suns, 6.4

3. UCLA, starting 5 wins = 44.4

When Russell Westbrook is worth more than 20 extra wins a season and Kevin Love is on the court as well, they would have a chance against any other five. This team rating is actually held down because boht Shabazz Muhammad and Darren Collison are injured right now. While the Bruins have another nine players in the league, Trevor Ariza is the only one putting up good numbers.

G, Westbrook, Thunder, 20.8

F/C, Love, Cavaliers, 9.3

G, Holiday, Pelicans, 5.1

G, Collison, Kings, 5.1

G/F, Muhammad, Timberwolves, 4.1

2. Wake Forest, starting 5 wins = 51.6

Wake Forest is not flooding the league with players, but with Chris Paul and Jeff Teague bringing it up and Tim Duncan refusing to act his age inside, those three make them awfully tough

G, Paul, Clippers, 21.4

F/C, Duncan, Spurs, 12.4

G, Teague, Hawks, 10.7

F, Johnson, Raptors, 4.4

F, Aminu, Mavericks, 2.7

  1. Kentucky, starting 5 wins = 67.6

Kentucky also has 17 players, and by far the most formidable NBA roster. True, that doesn’t guaranty the would win it all as was shown this year. However, Anthony Davis seems destined to win several MVP awards, and with John Wall bringing it up the court and getting it into Davis and DeMarcus Cousins they would be favored against any other NBA alumni five. The Suns backcourt of Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight complete a fantastic five.

At any point they can add size with Nerlens Noel, or bring Michael Kidd-Gilcrist into the game, and Rajon Rondo can actually be way up the list if healthy.

F/C, Davis, Pelicans, 23.7

C, Cousins, Kings, 14.7

G, Wall, Wizards, 12.6

G, Bledsoe, Suns, 10.4

G, Knight, Suns, 6.2

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