Sacar Anim, Moves from 2G to PF

At the recent open practice, I was able to get my first glimpse of freshman Sacar Anim, the 6’5” 205 lb. forward from De LaSalle High School in Minneapolis. Anim has recently changed from a perimeter guard/forward to power forward. I can understand what the coaching staff saw as he plays bigger than 6’ 5” frame. In fact, he reminds me of several past Marquette players who were 6’ 5”

and had to play the power forward position. They include Jae Crowder, Lazar Hayward and Wesley Matthews.

I had the opportunity to interview Anim after that practice. Here is our Q&A.

JD: Welcome to Marquette

Sacar Anim: Thank you very much.

JD: Why Marquette? What schools did it come down to?

Sacar Anim: My final two schools were really Northwestern and Marquette. I decided on Marquette three weeks before our State Championship so it was in early March of this year. It was Coach Wojo and Coach Phelps, when he was still here, that made the difference. I felt very comfortable with them as recruiters.

JD: What is the correct pronunciation of your first name?

Sacar Anim: “Se – car.”

JD: What is it with Minneapolis? Over the last five years and projected for at at least until the next three , there are some top HS prospects coming out of Minneapolis?

Sacar: Minneapolis is an up and coming basketball city and most people think we are just good at hockey. 2014 had a really good class, 2016 and 2017 have very good classes.

JD: This is the first time I have seen you play in person and I was impressed with your toughness in terms of defense and rebounding. I see that Coach has you dogging Henry Ellenson on defense. Talk about the switch from the perimeter to the power forward.

Sacar: I am just trying to play hard and earn respect early and I will play whatever position Coach wants me to play.

JD:; What part of your game are you working on?

Sacar: Definitely working on my jump shot. I think it has improved. I am working on shooting and my outside game and my ball handling. I still will be playing the three as well as the four. So, I will have the ball and will have to improve myself with the ball.

JD: In high school, it looked like you were exclusively a 2G when I saw you on the video tapes.

Sacar: Yes, in high school I concentrated on one position, the 2G. I am 6’ 5-1/2” and about 205 lbs.

JD: You remind me a little bit of Jae Crowder and when I say that, it is a big compliment.

Sacar: Yes, I have heard that a couple of times from poeple since I have been here that I remind them of Jae Crowder. Me being one of the biggest guards out here on the team in terms of height and strength, they decided to move me out to the four. I have no problem playing the four. It is more physical. I just have to do what I have to do with more speed and quickness.

In Part 2, later today here at Marquette, Sacar will preview the 2015 recruiting class from his point of view.

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