Sacar Anim Previews '15 Class

In Part 2, of my interview with Sacar Anim, I asked him to give us a preview of the other members of the 2015 recruiting class at MU.

comments on the other Freshmen....

JD: Give me a scouting report on some of the new players. First, Traci Carter, the PG from Philadelphia. I understand he is your roommate. He can take it to the hole and finish. He shows that “Philly toughness.”

Sacar: That’s exactly what we call it, that Philly toughness. He can do it all. He is quick, a great PG, he can shoot it and he pl ays with great confidence. He is also a great leader.

JD: The 24 second clock looks like it is messing with you a little bit. A couple of the shots were forced and the clock was running out before it seemed like Traci or the other players recognized it.

Sacar: Traci and I were just talking about that after practice. I did not have a shot clock in Minnesota and he did not have a shot clock either in Philadelphia. So, it is something we have to adjust to. He said he has to peek up toward the clock a little bit more. I don’t think I have to. I’m just trying to get used to it, but he said he is going to have to watch it more. It is something we are both going to have to keep in mind especially at the end of games and the last possessions. In the game, we can’t have those forced plays.

JD: Haney Cheathan, 6-5 back up PG/2G from Florida… give us a quick scouting report.

Sacar: Long wing, converted to a PG. After watching him play, I thought he was a PG in high school but he told me he played shooting guard. Very smooth, has a rapport with other players, can shoot it. He is a great competitor, learning a new position.

JD: He can also play the 2G with Traci at point?

Sacar: He and Traci and he and Duane (Wilson) can be great combos. I don’t know how they are going to allocate that between those three but it is really good having three guys who can play PG.

JD: Matt Heldt, the 6-9 post from Neenah, HS….what are your thoughts on Matt?

Sacar: Matt Heldt, definitely a batler. One of the underrated guys this year. Matt competes at a high level. I love playing with Matt. He does the little things, the intangibles that you appreciate when you play with him. He is not the most athletic guy but he uses his speed. He has a great shot fake and he is working on his shot fake where he finishes over bigger defenders. He is going to be a heck of a player. He has really good hands and he is a good passer. He can shoot it from the outside. He doesn’t do it in games now but he is really working on that. He can stand up to the three point line double clutch and he can make them. We don’t want him to do that all the time, but I have seen him do it and he can make them.

JD: Sometimes it is an advantage if you don’t look like a player but you are a pretty good player.

Sacar: That’s Matt Heldt. He doesn’t look like a player but he is a player, believe me.

JD: A guy like Heldt you can move Luke to the four and possibly Henry to the three.

Sacar: Yes, we have been working on that a little bit. Matt can hit that outside jumper. Luke is quicker than Matt but it is something that I think we could really work with, that lineup.

JD: Henry:

Sacar: I have seen him play a couple times before this but this is the first time I have ever had a chance to play with him. A heck of a good player, a great competitor, he can do it all. Shoot, dribble, pass, get to the lane, do whatever. I think he is the best power forward in the nation.

JD: The coaches have actually talked about playing him at center in crunch time when they need free throw shooting and they could have him under the ball inside.

Sacar: We were just talking about that with Henry at the five and me working at the four. Henry can do it all. He can play the five and it will be a mismatch every time. He brings a lot of versatility to the game and to our team. He can also grab a rebound and as you saw at practice today, bring the ball up. That helps the wings get out on the fast break.

JD: Tell me about the advantage of the Italy trip. You practice for ten days, get to know your teammates, your roles, get to know the guys on the road.

Sacar: We’ve been all calling this ‘the season before the season.’ We played against some very good international teams and that’s a chance for us to build unity and rapport. It is a great opportunity. We will build chemistry, see where guys fit, this is a great advantage for us and we’ve got to take advantage of this ability to practice so we can go in the season and start strong.

JD: How long have you been on campus here this summer?

Sacar: I have been here since late May.

JD: What is your major?

Sacar: My major is advertising and communications and business.

JD: Thanks for the time…I hope you enjoy the Italy Trip and good luck to you.

Sacar: Thank you.

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