My Interview with D Wade

I attended the Miami Heat vs Milw Bucks game on Sunday and saw Dwyane Wade shoot 0-7 from the field[first time in his career 0 FGs],6-6 FT,5 rebs/5 assts/5 TOs....but the real story was the respect he receives from his new NBA team and Wade's continuing impact on his old Marquette college team. Read his comments on our premium pages. [Sign up for a 7 day free look to check out our recruiting info and NFL draft info from our NFL sites.]

Dwyane Wade says that he is adjusting well to the NBA...and his new Heat teammates agree.


Rafer Alston said, "Dwyane is a fast learner. You can see that he has earned respect because the veterans look for him at the end of the games."


Caron Butler commented, "Dwyane has adjusted well to PG. We are all real comfortable with him"


Wade said, "I keep in touch with the guys. I call Merritt, Diener and Novak. I told the guys, hey the season is not over. We still have two regular season games and the conference tournament."


Wade mentioned that this was going to be a difficult year of transition for the team. Last year, Wade and Robert Jackson were the primary scorers and rebounders. The other players were valuable role players but this year they would have to do more.


The Marquette team and all of the coaches were at the game.


"It was great to see Coach Crean and Travis and the guys. There is still a lot of love between us. It was nice that Coach Crean and his family came to see me today."


"I told them to continue to play hard. Do not worry about the expectations of other people. Go into the conference tournament with confidence."


I twisted my foot in two different directions but the X rays were negative. I came down wrong and Michael Redd came down on top of it."


"I am a young player but I adjust well. Teams are playing me differently than they were two weeks ago. They are taking away my drives to the basket so I have to do other things. Great players have to adjust because teams do try to stop you every night. Every time I drove today, Milw would sag so I tried to hit the open man"


"I have done a lot of good things at the Bradley Center and today I set a new record..0 FGs...I have not 'Hit the Wall' ...I just had a bad game."

On Marquette team…


"The different roles this yr is definitely a factor but the team is not down. I talked to Travis and Scott and they are both upbeat. There is a lot of game left to be played."


An NBA locker room is a tough place to be when your college team is having troubles. Former Arizona star Loren Woods and Butler [UCONN] made sure to let Wade know during the interview that his team was going to the NIT while their teams were going to win it all.


"It has been a yr of adjustment for me switching from shooting guard to PG."

My overall impression of D Wade... He is a year older and a lot richer but he has not lost any of his class. One of the nicest guys to be around. The Miami Heat staff remarked how mature and easy to work with Wade is when it comes to setting up media interviews. If he stays injury free, D Wade will be a fan favorite for the next decade...

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