Q&A with sophomore forward Steve Novak

Nicholas Williams Q&A with Sophomore forward Steve Novak Novak and the Golden Eagles will face Texas-Christian in the first round of the Conference USA tournament Wednesday. N.Williams [DOS]: What do you think the team needs to do to win the Conf. USA tournament this week? Novak: We definitely need to go in with the right mindset. We know we got to play hard-nose basketball and Marquette basketball. Just know we're going to be the underdogs in a lot of the games we want to be in.

DOS: If Texas-Christian is prepared to defend you out on the perimeter, how do you plan to score?
Novak: I just have to move without the ball. We've got a lot of good creators on the team. We just run our sets and set good screens for each other, we'll do just fine, as long as we keep our spacing.

DOS: Can you describe what this season has been like for this team compared to last year?
Novak: I guess there have just been more ups and downs this year than last year.  Every time we've hit a rough test we've come back and played and got back to work in practice and got to where we need to be. I think we're playing well right now and we just want to continue that in the tournament.

DOS: How long do you usually shoot around in the gym on a daily basis?
Novak: On a regular day I try to come in and shoot, usually try to bring someone with me, and depending on the day make 150 or 200 shots a day?

DOS: How long does that usually take?
Novak: It depends on what kind of workout I do. If I shoot all three-pointers then it usually won't take too long. If I do pull-up jumpers and that kind of thing then sometimes it'll take a little longer.

DOS: Last season you earned Sixth Man of the Year in Conference USA. Can you explain how you have adapted from your first game as a starter this season to now?
Novak: Definitely. Myself and all the other guys who had to take on different roles this year with guys leaving, and it just being a new year, it's something that just happened. It's something I worked for and I wanted. I guess all the guys coming in this year knew we had to take on new roles on the team and that's just what I had to do at the start of the year.  I think so far, everyone has done a good job with it.

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