DOS Interview with Dan Fitzgerald

Interview with Dan Fitzgerald (transfer student from Tulane). Dan will be sitting out the 2004-'05 season. <p>DOS: Dan, welcome to Marquette. Tell us a little about yourself, what high school you went to? I know it was in Minneapolis. <p>DF: Thank you. I went to St. Thomas Academy, it was a military Catholic school. <P>DOS: Was Marquette recruiting you at that time? You went to Tulane? Describe that recruiting.


DF:      MU recruited me.  They didn't offer me a scholarship.  I took a visit my junior year in high school but they didn't offer at that time.


DOS:   That was Tom Crean? 


DF:            Correct.


DOS:   So, you went down to Tulane and actually had a pretty good game against Marquette last year.  I think you hit three, 3-point shots.  You kind of reminded many of Steve Novak.  What happened last year.


DF:      It's funny you should say that because I remember meeting Steve when I was here and wanting to be just like him.  I enjoyed my year last year but I decided that it wasn't for me and wanted to go closer to home.


DOS:   When you decided to leave, were there any other schools besides Marquette?


DF:      Well, when I got released, I gave my name out to Minnesota, obviously, and Wisconsin, Iowa, and Iowa State, and Marquette was the very first to jump on it, which I was very pleased with.


DOS:            Marquette seems to be focusing on the Minnesota area.  You have Ryan Amoroso and Mike Kinsella.  Did you play against them in high school?


DF:      I know Mike and I know Ryan, but I never played against them.


DOS:   You've been playing now scrimmaging for about two months.  Give us your scouting report on Mike Kinsella.


DF:      Mike can be a very dominating player.  I mean he is 7 foot tall.  He's a big presence out there and once he puts his mind to it, he can dominate a game.


DOS:   Tell us about Ryan Amoroso.  I saw highlights of him in the Minn. state championship last year and it seems like when he goes for a rebound, sometimes he makes a noise like he's throwing a shot put.


DF:      Yeh, he is a big kid.  He's real big and he's thick and he's got ball-handling skills.  He can shoot.  He can do everything.  I don't think he realizes how good he is and how good he can be.


DOS:            Describe your game.  I know you have the outside shot, but it seems like you have the full complete game.  You are athletic.  You can play outside and inside.  Tell us about your game.


DF:      Well, in high school, since I was the tallest guy on the team, so I played center … which was my best position and not my favorite.  It definitely helped me to be as versatile as I can and I don't care what I'm playing as long as I can be out on the court and help out, that's what I want to do.


DOS:   Coach was saying you are going to have some point guard duties coming up, guarding Diener.


DF:            Whatever he wants me to do, I am happy to do it.  It's kind of like a dream come true.  I've always wanted to come here and I'm just glad to be a part of it.  This year, practices are going to be my game, so I've got to make these guys better and get them ready.


DOS:   Tom Crean has interesting philosophies when it comes to transfers – players sitting out.  I know Dwyane Wade when he sat out for a year and Robert Jackson, Tom gave them responsibilities/duties.  They became assistant coaches on the bench.  What is your role?


DF:      Well, he's told me that.  Coach has told me all about what he did with them and that I'll be doing the same thing and that I'm not going to be treated any differently than if I was going to play in the games.  And he wants me to give input and be involved as much as possible in any way I can to help.

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