Q and A with Chris Grimm

Q and A with an Chris Grimm who came up big during the Wisconsin game shutting down Alando Tuckers inside scoring....preseason interview.

DOS: Chris, tell me what you've been doing in the off-season.  What were your goals to improve and what have you been working on?

CG: Well, at the beginning of the off-season, I sat down with Coach Strohm and I kept a list of goals up on my wall.  I had some strength and conditioning goals and I had some basketball goals and some of my strength goals were to increase my bench, to increase my shoulders and biceps.  And some of my basketball goals were just coming to the gym and shooting 500 free throws a week and come in the gym and shoot 300 jumpers a day.  So you know, I was strict with that all summer and measured myself.  I think I ended up completing like 6 out of my 8 strength goals and like 5 out of 9 basketball goals.  I had a set list of things I wanted to do over the summer.

JD: Do you enjoy practicing in the Al Center?

CG: Yes, but I loved the old gym.  I loved that old time atmosphere, but the Al McGuire Center is an unbelievable facility.  I love it here.  Everything you want is right here.

JD: The old gym was a modification or a design for a church, and I think Creighton,  Marquette and Loyola had the design plans for a church and they just extended the choir loft all the way around the inside for a running track.  You can kind of tell by the windows, they kind of look like they're church like.

CG: Really? I did not know that but I loved the tradition.

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