Up Close with Mike Kinsella

Read about Mike Kinsella's journey from Minn HS to Marquette.

Interview with Mike Kinsella



JD:       Mike, welcome to Marquette.


MK:     Thank you.


JD:       I know you are from Minneapolis.  Where did you play high school?


MK:     I played high school at Rochester John Marshall, graduated in 2002.


JD:       In 2002, you went to Rice. Was Marquette interested in you at all? 


MK:     Yes.  I was recruited a little bit by Marquette, and I was never offered a scholarship and decided to go to Rice.  Things didn't work out there and then I just took a different path to get here and went to the junior college and ended up here.


JD:       You didn't play the first year, is that why you went to Jucco?.. so you could play?


MK:     Well, I broke my foot my freshman year, so I sat out because of that, and I felt it was important to not sit out another year and get some game experience.  I decided to go to junior college to and kind of get noticed again because nobody had really seen me play since before my senior year and I didn't really know if I would have any options coming out of Rice.  I decided to go to junior college and let colleges get another look at me.


JD:       How did you end up at Marquette?  Did you just send feelers out to many schools and Tom Crean knew of you?


MK:     Well, my coach Jay Pivek (sic) at the junior college, he's really well respected I think by many college coaches, so he started getting interest from other schools about me and it just worked out really good.  I had really good feelings about Marquette and I pretty much knew this is where I wanted to be the whole time and once Coach Crean offered, I committed the next day.


JD:       How tall are you?  Describe your game. 


MK: I am 7-0. 


JD:       Do you like to play with your back to the basket or can you play PF facing the basket?


MK:     I like to do both.  I think that right now my strength is definitely on the offensive side of the ball.  I like to step out and hit mid range jump shots and then play with my back to the basket as well.


JD:       And then defensively, are you a shot blocker? 


MK:     I wouldn't necessarily call myself a shot blocker at all.  This summer, I really focused a lot on getting better defensively -- better defensive movement.


JD:       Tell us about coming to Marquette and practicing with your new teammates.  The biggest adjustment for newcomers always seems to be when I mention trainer Scott Holsopple's name. 


MK:     Scott Holsopple's great.  He really looks out for us and he really wants us to succeed, and it's really exciting to work with him.  It's not always fun at the time but I think it really pays off because he really knows what he's doing.  As far as coming down and working out with the guys, that's been great.  It was a little bit tough at the beginning of summer because I was still unable to play with my knee injury (minor cartilage) so I had to sit out for about five weeks once I got here. It was tough coming back and just getting back into the flow of the game .. but I've been getting back and doing well lately.[Mike suffered a foot injury in late Nov and will wear a boot until Dec 20th]


JD:       What about some of the newcomers.  Obviously, you go up against Ousmane Barro a lot.  Tell us about his game.


MK:     He's got a really exciting game.  He's really long and athletic and can run really well, great shot blocker, he's got some really nice moves under the basket and he can do some things.


JD:       Ryan Amoroso.  I saw some tape of him playing in a Minn HS championship game. A physical post player… has the drop steps…  Tell us about him.


MK:     Well, Ryan's got a big body and he's really good at using it.  He likes to throw his weight around in there and bang with people and so that's good when you have somebody who is as versatile like he is because he can run around with the guards but he can also bang with the big guys and he's got the quickness and ability to do it.


JD:       Dan Fitzgerald is sitting out this year as a transfer.  Did you play against him in high school at all?


MK:     I never played against him.  He's got a versatile game coming out of Tulane.  He's a fantastic shot and he should really help us out a lot in practice this year.


JD:       Thanks for the time.  Good luck to you.


MK:     Thank you.

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