The Future Shines at Elite Camp:

Matt Zuchowski of attended the Marquette Elite Camp over the weekend. He has written two stories as a result. The first about the recruits and prospects, and the second about the progress he has seen in current players as well as the guest speakers at the camp.

Through a series of drills, competitions and games, Jerel McNeal, Anthony Green and Scott Christopherson proved to be the most talented campers at the two day Marquette Elite Camp. Here are my observations of the three Marquette recruits, along with others who made an impact.

Scott Christopherson:
The Travis Diener comparisons are apt, as their games are very similar. Simply put, Scott is a winner. He was the only camper to be a finalist in both the free throw and one-on-one contests, losing in the finals of the one-on-one to Jerel McNeal in a very grueling match-up. He has excellent form on his jumpshot, and also very advanced point guard skills, as he ran the show for his team throughout the games and led a team without much overall talent to the camp championship game before falling to McNeal and Tyrone Kent's team. With his passing and leadership skills, Scott should have no problem transitioning to the point guard position at the next level.

Jerel McNeal:
Jerel will definitely make an impact next year. During the semifinals and finals of one-on-one contests, showed the ability to get up in the opponent's chest and play strong defense. He has very quick hands that will lead to many steals and deflections. Jerel is a very good passer in transition and can drive and kick pretty well. He can get the hoop in a hurry, although he occasionally forces the issue. His jumper is a little flat, but he does have great lift behind it. Jerel will provide Marquette with some much needed athleticism next season.

Anthony Green:
Anthony should be a very good compliment to the Dominic, Jerel and Wesley. He has beautiful form on his jumper, and is very consistent hitting it out to about 18 feet. He is not yet very consistent beyond the arc. He is very athletic and has long arms which will cause problems for opponents on the defensive end of the ball. Along with three 2005 recruits and Scott Christopherson, Marquette's backcourt should be in very good shape the next few years.

Nayal "Mac" Koshwal:
With his size and athletic ability, Mac was able to dominate fellow campers. He runs the court really well and finishes strongly. Mac is also a solid rebounder and shows good basketball awareness cutting towards the basket on the offensive. His post game still needs work, but if he develops it, watch out, as he is very strong with his other aspects of the game.

Thijin Moses:
Thijin (pronounced Thin-jin) is extremely athletic, but badly needs to add 20-30 pounds before he plays at the next level. He possess a nice jumper, and runs the floor very well. He can get the hoop pretty easily and looks to be a very good free throw shooter. Thijin can be a very special player if he puts on some much need weight.

Tyrone Kent:
Tyrone absolutely dominated the first night of the camp, as he hit a bunch of 3's and drove to the basket at will, finishing with authority. He was not quite as good Saturday, but still played pretty well. An aspect of his game Tyrone could improve is keeping his head up while driving to the hoop. He has solid form on his jumpshot, but it is not yet very consistent. Overall, Tyrone is a good prospect who will be a very good late signee or 2006 prospect if he re-classifies.

Dwight Burke:
Right now, Dwight is very raw and would be an excellent candidate to redshirt next season. He has solid fundamentals in the post, but really struggled to finish. He is a good athlete, and early contributions will definitely come from rebounding and blocking shots. Dwight is in excellent shape, as his best play came late in the camp while everyone was fatigued. Dwight is a solid prospect for the future, but there not be high expectations for his first couple of years.

Other notes:
Bryce Webster was unable to attend, something came up back home. Jerel McNeal looks to be legit 6'2 or 6'3, as he was only an inch shorter than Anthony Green, who is listed at 6'4

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