Wade Feels Diener Can Play in NBA

Travis Diener has been working hard to impress scouts for the upcoming NBA draft. By the time the draft rolls around next week, Diener will have worked out for nearly a dozen different NBA teams. As the draft moves closer MarquetteHoops.com spoke with former Marquette All-American Dwyane Wade and Travis Diener himself about Diener's possible future in the NBA. In part 1, John Dodds does a Q&A with Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade.

DOS: You've been playing in the NBA now for two seasons. You have played against many different point guards. Evaluate Travis Diener. Can he play in the NBA?

Wade: I think so. I mean Travis is a guy who really doesn't turn the ball over much. He can really shoot it and he has a lot of heart. As always, there's use for that in the NBA, especially now when you've got so many different guys turning from shooting guard to point guard. There is always a need for that solid backup point guard and I think Travis is a kind of guard like that who can come in and play a lot of minutes and make big shots.

DOS: What is Travis going to have to work on to get to the next level? Will he need to build himself up and physically get ready for that challenge?

Wade: No question. He's going to have to get stronger, a lot stronger, but I think he'll be alright though. I mean I think the way he plays, the style he plays, he's not really the guy who goes in every play and drive and bang with the big guys. He kind of stays out in front and he's got a great jump shot and he's very smart. I think he'll be alright. Get a little stronger, go to the right program in the NBA to help him get to be where he needs to be in his rookie year and throughout his career, I think he'll be alright.

DOS: What about Diener's leadership ability? Is that important to coaches and general managers? Can you tell a general manager, hey, we need a kid like this on our team?

Wade: I think that's going to be the main thing that is going to sell him. When you see the leadership that he brings, especially as a young guy, and also his toughness. There is always a need in the NBA, or in any game, there is always a need, so not only are they going to see his ability to play the game but they're going to see his leadership.

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