MarquetteHoops Goes 1-on-1 with Steve Novak's John Dodds goes 1 on 1 with Steve Novak, Marquette's 6'10 senior forward in this Q&A.'s John Dodds goes 1-0n-1 with Marquette's Steve Novak.

DOS: It is hard to believe, but you are now entering your fourth year. You're now a senior.

Novak: Yeah, it's hard to believe. The time just flew by but I can't think of a better way to go out with us going into a great conference, The Big East, with all the excitement.

DOS: What did you try to improve on over the summer?

Novak: Definitely a lot of quickness and strengthening. I tried to work on foot quickness and lateral foot quickness as well as getting my shot off quicker. I worked on a lot of shooting and eye/hand coordination.

DOS: You have an unusual team in that you, the bigs, at 6' 10" and Fitzgerald at 6' 8" can shoot from the three-point range while your guards are more penetrating, slasher types. So it will be a different team this year.

Novak: This team will be a lot quicker this year. We'll be able to get to the lane a little easier than in the past. Having quick guards can never hurt you.

DOS: You lost 15 pounds last year right around Christmas because of the flu. Have you come back?

Novak: My weight is right on track. I have been working out really hard and I'm right about 225 now.

DOS: How do you assess the freshmen class this year?

Novak: This is definitely the most talented freshmen class we have had since I've been here. There is a lot of talent but again we have to remember they are freshmen. It will be new for them coming together, but they are very quick learners. All of them have had exceptional accomplishments in their careers before coming here. Wes is a terrific athlete. Jerel can play tough defense. James will really lead the point. Matt can really shoot it from the outside. Dwight works hard inside.

DOS: What about junior college transfer Jamil Lott?

Novak: He is athletic and rebounds the ball like crazy on the offense and defensive boards. He is an active defender and brings a lot of energy to the game.

DOS: You're playing against your brother this year as MU plays Michigan Tech.

Novak: I have been on the same team in the past in high school with him but I have never gone against him. It will be weird for all of us in the family.

One on One with Steve Novak

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