Up Close with Dan Fitzgerald

Dan FItzgerald transferred from Tulane to Marquette well over a year ago, and is anxiously waiting to play his first game with the Golden Eagles. John Dodds sat down with Fitz for this Q & A.

MarquetteHoops.com's John Dodds goes 1-on-1 with Dan Fitzgerald

DOS: You sat out last year as a transfer from Tulane. You have to be looking forward to some actual playing time this year.

Fitz: I am very excited about this upcoming season. I have been looking forward to it for over a year. It's been a long time coming.

DOS: Last year at practice you were working at point guard. Can you play the 1, 2, 3, and 4 positions?

Fitz: Yes. I can be versatile and I enjoy helping out at multiple positions. Last year I played backup point guard in practice against Diener and this year so far I have been guarding Dominic James in workouts.

DOS: What about playing point?

Fitz: I think I will be playing some backup point if we need it. I am really not a point guard but I can play back to point if the team needs it.

DOS: After Diener was hurt, the end of season was probably one of the most frustrating times that Marquette, the program, and the fans ever went through, just decimated the point guard position and poor Joe Chapman, who is really a small forward playing out of position there. It had to have been frustrating for you on the bench knowing that you could have played and made a difference.

Fitz: I played point guard earlier in my career but the position of college point guard is one of the most important positions (in sports). I have newfound respect for every point guard in college basketball. You have to know every position and what's going on and where to put the ball. It is a very demanding position.

DOS: When we first saw you playing for Tulane two years ago, you reminded me of Steve Novak, perhaps a little bit more athletic and maybe not quite as good a shooter, but pretty much like Steve Novak. Having you and Steve on different sides of the court will be very interesting. It will force defenses to really pick and choose whom to cover.

Fitz: I love playing with Steve. He and Travis are the two best shooters I have ever seen, so I try to model myself after them. When I'm not playing point guard guarding Dominic James, I usually head to head against Steve. I can't wait to play with him.

DOS: Marquette has an unusual team. The bigs are the great, long range shooters while the smalls are more the drive and dishers. How will the quicker lineup of James and McNeal and Matthews fit into your game?

Fitz: There is no telling what the lineups are going to be before each game. I am assuming that they are going to switch the lineups frequently during the year. Many of our newcomers can grab a lot of minutes. I wish I were athletic as these guys. They can jump out of the gym and they are extremely athletic and they can guard anyone. They can shoot it too. So they will add a lot to our team from last year.

DOS: It's just been devastating what's happened to New Orleans. You transferred from Tulane. Are your friends still down there?

Fitz: I've talked to a lot of my friends and my roommate who was on the team last year. The entire team got out early and was sent home, but my roommate's car and his apartment have been flooded. The Mayor has told them that they will not open up before the semester ends so the team has begun practicing at Texas A&M for the remainder of this semester and possibly the rest of the year. But they all got out and it was a terrible disaster. I'm glad I wasn't there. It was a tough transition for them.

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