Catching up with Travis Diener is adding a new 'where are they now' alumni feature so Maquette hoops fans can catch up on what some of their favorite players of the past are up to now. Of all of the greats to play at Marquette, who better to start off with than Orlando Magic guard Travis Diener......

Travis Diener accomplished many things on the basketball court while at Marquette, and now that his rookie season is behind him, he looks to make a name for himself in the NBA. Travis took some time with for this Q & A. How does it feel now that you have accomplished your dream of playing in the NBA?

Travis: It feels good but I don't know about accomplishing my dream, I have a lot of work to do. Its not over yet. Somewhere down the road when I am done I will look back at what I have accomplished, that is when it will be satisfying. What is your best memory, or moment of your first year?

Travis: Coming back to Milwaukee and playing pretty well there. I had my career high there in front of my family, my friends and the people that had supported me for so long while I was at Marquette. If you had to pick one thing from your time at Marquette that best prepared you for the NBA, what would that be?

Travis: The individual instruction that Coach Crean gave us. The individual workouts that got every player's game so much better, that is what really helped me prepare for what I have to deal with now. What was the biggest adjustment that you had to make to adapt to the pro game?

Travis: As a rookie you always try to do things right, you try to make the smart play. Also, adjusting to becoming a role player as opposed to where I was my last three years in college, that has been the biggest adjustment. Do you fully expect to be back in Orlando next year?

Travis: I think so, as of right now I will be, but it's a business now so a lot of things can happen. Aside from playing in the summer leagues, what will you be doing this off-season?

Travis: I have been down in Milwaukee a lot already, working out with the Marquette guys, working to stay in shape. I have spent a lot of time at home in Fond du Lac too. I took some time off just to relax, but now I need to get ready for summer leagues, which is only about a month away. You are holding the first Travis Diener basketball camp at Marquette's Al McGuire Center this summer. What can you tell me about that?

Travis: It's an opportunity to give back a little bit. We want kids to come there and enjoy basketball for a few days while we teach them some fundamentals. They will get to hear some players speak, learn some things from them, but the main thing is for them to have fun. You now have your own website, – Tell me about that, and who runs it for you?

Travis: That site was made to promote the basketball camp, to be a place where people could go to get information about it. There is a marketing company that developed it and keeps it up for me. On your website, you list "Man on Fire" as your favorite movie…...Do you have a problem with such features as Stripes, Caddyshack, Tommy Boy or Old School?

Travis: Those are classics, some of my favorites. At the time that I was asked, that movie just came out and I had just seen it, so that is why I gave it as an answer, but now you got me thinking. On your website you list your favorite food as being "Mexican". Did it crush Grandma Diener that you did not say that her home-made pie was your favorite?

Travis: It might have, you know I never thought of that. You may have just opened up a can of worms. She might really be mad at me and I didn't even know. I am going to change that. The next time you look on there it will say something of my Grandma's. Wow – thanks. In the NBA you basically spend your life on the road, how often do you stay in contact with your former teammates?

Travis: I stay in contact with most of the guys that I played with as much as I can. I think I have a lot of contact with my former teammates. There is a guy named Murffieus that posts on our message board. Throughout your career he ripped you, and when you exploded your senior year, he claimed that it was his criticism that drove you to become a better player. Is this true? Do you owe your success to him?

Travis: Who? I have never heard of him or his criticism. Are you serious? I only took criticism from my coaches. Who is this guy? I'll ask my dad if he has heard of, just ignore him. Professional athletes are a hot commodity for commercial endorsements, have you done any commercials or endorsed any products yet?

Travis: No, not yet. Great - would you like to promote our website? In return we will buy you lunch at any restaurant near the Marquette campus.

Travis: That sounds like a plan – let's do it! Last season Marquette honored you with Travis Diener Night. How cool is it to have your own bobblehead?

Travis: It's funny. It was quite an honor to have them celebrate my career like that. It was weird seeing myself in a bobblehead form, but they won't go away – my mom has about 100 of them. It was really nice that they did that. What would you say to recruits that are considering Marquette?

Travis: If you want to become the best player possible come to Marquette. There will be times when its tough and times when things aren't going your way, but in the end you will see that the improvements that you made from day one are remarkable. If I had to do it all over again and I could go anywhere in the country I would still choose Marquette. If it wasn't for Marquette and Coach Crean I wouldn't be where I am. Prediction time - what place do you think Marquette will finish in the Big East next year?

Travis: Well, they surprised a lot of people this year so I am going to say they will finish somewhere in the top four again. Most important question of all, how is Drake doing?

Travis: He battled through a stretch of time where things were really rough, but he's doing pretty well right now. He's down in Chicago working out to get ready for some of the camps hoping to get the chance catch on with one of the summer league teams and play overseas next year. Speaking of Drake, I noticed on your website that you list him as one of your siblings, but not Drew - What, no love for Drew?

Travis: No way, Drew didn't make the cut. He was always the worst one in the family. We could all take him, including my sisters……….ok, I'll think about changing that. Thanks for your time and good luck with your camp and the summer league!

Travis: Thanks for having me, make sure to tell kids and their parents that they can find more information on my basketball camp at

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