Getting to Know David Cubillan - Part II

"David Cubillan has been with us for almost three years and has brought a high level of character, work ethic and talent to our school community as a student-athlete. He is the most competitive kid I have ever coached and has one agenda: winning games." - St. Benedict's Basketball Coach Danny Hurley

When Marquette received a verbal commitment from PG David Cubillan back in November, it was the first time most Marquette fans had ever heard his name. The questions started immediately ….Where is he from? What position does he play? How tall is he? How good is he? The list went on and on. Before long Marquette fans got the answers to those questions, Cubillan was a 6'0 point guard from St. Benedict's in New Jersey who had come to this country from Venezuela to play basketball and get an education. There were questions that remained however, how and where would Cubillan will fit into Tom Crean's system?

Marquette head coach Tom Crean has a reputation for working his players hard, demanding the most from them in order to give them the most in return. Former Seton Hall star Danny Hurley was Cubillan's high school coach at St. Benedict's. From experience, Hurley knows what it takes to succeed in the Big East, and feels that Cubillan has the drive and work ethic to succeed in Crean's program as well as the Big East. "David has been with us for almost three years and has brought a high level of character, work ethic and talent to our school community as a student-athlete. He is the most competitive kid I have ever coached and has one agenda: winning games."

It goes without saying that any player making the jump from the high school level to Big East has to improve and adjust to be able to see playing time on the floor, and Cubillan is no exception. David says that his strengths are his shooting ability and his defensive play, but he already has a good feel of where he needs to improve, "I need to play more like a guard, like a point guard." Cubillan said. "In the Big East the guys are so much bigger, I won't be able to do a lot of the things I was able to do in high school. I am going to have to keep the ball more than shoot it, and know what I am going to do with the ball – to become more of a playmaker."

Coach Hurley feels that David has already improved a great deal since coming to this country and he feels that Cubillan could make an impact his freshman year. "He arrived at school here as a good dribble penetrator and passer and in a short adjustment period has developed into an outstanding perimeter shooter, defender and ball handler. He is prepared to be an impact player at Marquette because of his physical strength, skill level, and desire to be successful and has been a two year starter at one of the premier high school basketball programs in the country."

Cubillan has played different positions on the floor in high school and anticipates having to learn more than one position in order to get playing time in Milwaukee. When asked if he would be playing point guard at Marquette, Cubillan laughed and said, "I need to wait and see when I get there. You see, they have this guy named Dominic James - you may have heard of him." Cubillan added, " He's very good. When I saw him, I thought he was pretty good, but he was the rookie of the year in the Big East, so I am going to have to play other positions and do some other things to get a chance to play." With Cubillan's mind set and work ethic it shouldn't be a problem. "I am going to work hard and do whatever Coach Crean wants me to do for the team. When I came to St. Benedict's they needed a point guard. Then, before long they got Eugene Harvey (Seton Hall), JR Smith (UNC) and Alex Galindo (Kansas) so I had to become more of a combo guard to get to play. If that is what it takes at Marquette – I'll do it."

When Cubillan arrives at Marquette he will be reunited with one of his former high school teammates, 6'8 sophomore forward Dwight Burke. Having spent a lot of time with Cubillan in high school, Burke feels that David will fit right in, both on and off the court. "David can play. He is a great defender and can really shoot the ball. He has a very strong work ethic so when he gets here he will fit right in when we start to play. Off the court he has a great personality. He is a lot of fun to be with and the girls have always been drawn to his little accent, so he won't have any problems fitting in with the students at Marquette."

Cubillan's strong work ethic and determination to succeed will give Marquette another serious back court threat, and will help give Marquette an added dimension. Not only will he be able to back up Dominic James' at the point, but when opponents put on the full court pressure, he can team up with James to help break the press.

After talking to Cubillan and his coach, Danny Hurley, it appears that David will be another solid addition to Tom Crean's Golden Eagle back court!

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