Its BLT = Butch Lee Time!!!!

Butch Lee is one of the best to ever play at Marquette. His teams won a total of 99 games, an NCAA Championship and he was named the Naismith Player of the Year. Today, Butch has a successful business in Puerto Rico where he lives with his wife and two sons. Here he goes 1-on-1 with

Alfred "Butch" Lee was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx. In 1974 he arrived on the Marquette campus in Milwaukee and four years later he had certianly made his mark. He led Marquette to their only NCAA championship in 1977, appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and was named the Naismith Player of the Year in 1978.

Today, Butch's number hangs in the rafters of the Bradley Center. His career total of 1,735 points still ranks 2nd in Marquette history and students wear his famed #15 throwback jersey to games.

Butch now lives in Puerto Rico with his wife Rachel and two sons, Keith and Matthew. He has enjoyed a successful business career as he has been a basketball coach, a restauranteur and he now owns a successful sign company franchise in San Juan called Sign-A-Rama.

He took time out with for this Q & A.... Tell us about what you are doing now?

Butch: I live in Puerto Rico and own a Sign-A-Rama sign franchise. I am married to my wife Rachel and have two sons, Keith and Matthew. I wouldn't trade places with anyone! Do you keep in touch with any of your former teammates, if so who?

Butch: We keep in touch, but I keep in touch with Bo Ellis the most. What Marquette basketball memory stands out the most aside from the Championship?

Butch: I missed a free throw with no time on the clock that would have sent our home game against Louisville into overtime and we lost the game. I was the free throw king, so I'll never forget that. What is your favorite memory of Marquette outside of basketball?

Butch: The people. We had a great group of guys my four years there. What do you remember about Al McGuire?

Butch: I don't know if Al acted like Peter Falk in the Columbo series or if Falk acted like him. What do you remember about Hank Raymonds?

Butch: Hank was great. I remember that he had a beautiful family. There are stories that you had a tendency to check out other guys' papers during Theory of basketball exams. You were the best basketball player in America, what could you have possibly learned about basketball from your other classmates?

Butch: I was always concerned about my classmates. I was probably just checking to see if they needed any help. Honestly, I don't even remember that class. Do you still wear a panama hat with one leg of your jeans rolled up?

Butch: I have got to see this website. How do you guys remember all this stuff? There are many famous Marquette alums that are talked about on our website, and of course guys like you & Dwyane Wade are near the top. However, probably the most talked about alum on our site is former MU cheerleader Gail Pudvan. Do you remember her?

Butch:Beautiful. One of our frequent posters, Caribou Jim, was from Rochester, NY. Once, Gail Pudvan had asked him for a ride home from Milwaukee. Not having a car, he turned her down. What do you think of that?

Butch: You only get so many opportunities in life, he should have bought a car on credit. My brother was in your class at MU. Whenever he would have a party at his apartment, my parents would always stop by. I do recall one party his senior year when he lived above Doc's and you, Jerome Whitehead and Ulice Payne were sitting on the couch. I was continuously refilling your glasses for you. I was only 11 years old at the time, but remember it like it was yesterday. Do you remember that as well as I do?

Butch: That's the only reason I agreed to do the interview. No, sorry, I don't.

A dissapointed IWB: Then I see no need to go any further with this interview. Last year on our website, we had our own version of Marquette Madness and seeded the 65 best Marquette players of all time and went through round by round. Fans voted every round of the brackets and the votes had you defeating Robb Logtermann, Mike Moran, Brian Wardle and Dean Meminger. In the Final Four you beat Bo Ellis, but then lost the title to Dwyane Wade. How would you compare your game to Dwyane Wade's?

Butch: My game and his are the same, with one difference. He plays above the rim, I played under it. With Wade making it to the NBA Finals, I am reminded of the famous photo of Magic Johnson and the Lakers winning the title, and in Magic is hugging you. What was it like to play on an NBA Championship team?

Butch: It was a great experience, but not the same as winning the NCAA championship. At Marquette we were more than teammates, we were friends….family. What do you think of Marquette's move to the Big East?

Butch: Great competition – it was a great move. Having had met Tom Crean, what is your opinion of him?

Butch: He seems like a really good guy. He certainly has my Warriors back on the right track. If you were to speak to recruits that were considering Marquette, what would you tell them?

Butch: I had a great time living in and playing in Milwaukee, you will too. Any plans to return to Milwaukee any time soon?

Butch: Not yet, but I will. What is the one thing about you that Marquette fans would be surprised to know?

Butch: If my sons aren't great basketball players I won't mind at all, I just love being with them. And….I speak Spanish!!!!

Butch Lee is another perfect example of the type of student athlete to come out of Marquette. Successful on and off the court, has a great family and is a great representative of Marquette University!!!

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