Getting to Know Mbakwe - The Person & Player

Trevor Mbakwe is a 6'7 post player from Minneapolis. Mbakwe is a talented basketball player, there's no question about that. But who is Trevor Mbakwe when he is off the court? takes a closer look at the ‘man behind the mask'.

Trevor Mbakwe is a talented basketball player, there's no question about that. But who is Trevor Mbakwe when he is off the court? takes a closer look at the ‘man behind the mask'.

When he is not playing basketball Trevor Mbakwe likes to do things that every kid does, he likes to play video games, go to movies and he also likes to go bowling. Bowling? You don't see too many people Trevor's size on the lanes of Milwaukee's South side, but it may not be a surprise to see him on the lanes in the lanes at Marquette's Annex, but don't expect him to be seen on the pro tour. "I'm not that good, but I have always liked bowling. It's one of those things that I really like to do."

What type of person is Trevor Mbakwe? Well, he's not ready to label himself the class-clown, but he does like to have fun. "I really like to have fun, like everybody else, but I think I can be a jokester – I like playing tricks on people." That may be the lighter side of him, but when it is time to get serious Mbakwe is ready to switch gears, and will be quick to tell you where he gets his inspiration. "The biggest influence in my life is my mother, Anna Davis-Mbakwe. She was always there for us. She really worked hard and really did a great job raising us. She is a success as a single mother."

His mother, Anna Davis-Mbakwe, is very proud of her son, not only for his achievements on the basketball court, but also for who he has become. "Trevor has done a tremendous job. He has handled all of this so well, but I am most proud of him because he really has a good understanding of purpose. That and despite all of the honors, he continues to be a humble person."

Trevor is working hard to get it done in the classroom as well. has spoken to sources that say Trevor is on track in the classroom, and if he stays on course during his senior year he should have no problems qualifying through the NCAA clearinghouse.

When it comes to basketball, Mbakwe, who says he is 6'7, takes advantage of his strengths, but also knows his weaknesses and works to develop them. "My defense and my rebounding are the strongest parts of my game. But I do need to become more versatile and help to create matchup problems to help my teammates. I also need to continue to work on my jumpshot."

Mbakwe started off of the summer playing for Howard Pulley, but finished up playing with the Worldwide Renegades in Georgia. "My summer started off really good, but then towards the end of the summer I was up and down, some games I would play really well and some not so good, but overall I do feel that I got better. It is tough over the summer - there are just so many games you play."

Mbakwe is known for his athleticism, and there was a time when his athleticism was a little too strong. Last year Mbakwe was ‘the man behind the mask' as he wore a facemask during his high school games. "I had to wear the mask. I had broken my nose and it didn't heal right. It really caused some breathing problems so the doctor had to re-beak my nose." His athleticism was what caused the original problem. "Well, I wanted to go up really strong, and I did just that. But I misjudged where I was and broke my nose on the backboard. It was pretty bad."

Yes, he broke his nose on the backboard….seriously!!

That is the type of athleticism that Marquette coach Tom Crean and the Golden Eagles are in need of in the post, and Trevor is up to the challenge. "I am so excited. I wish I was coming this year. Marquette fans should get ready for me because I am ready for Marquette and I can't wait!"

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