Marquette's Memorable Buzzer Beaters,#5 to #9

What are the Top Buzzer Beaters in Marquette History? John Dodds and Andrew Sharos from sat down and identified the top buzzer beaters in Marquette history. Dodds and Sharos came up with a list of 14 that put MU over the top. counts them down and here are the next five, 9-5……

What are the Top Buzzer Beaters in Marquette History? John Dodds and Andrew Sharos from sat down and identified the top buzzer beaters in Marquette history. Dodds and Sharos came up with a list of 14 that put MU over the top. counts them down and here are the next five, 9-5……

9. DAMEON MASON'S baseline shot and free throw vs Louisville, March 6, 2004 – MU 81-80.

Coming off the Final Four season, Marquette struggled through the 2003-2004 campaign. The Golden Eagles had key wins against Notre Dame and at Louisville, but were held back by surprising losses against TCU, Southern Mississippi, and St. Louis. Entering the final game of the regular season at 8-7 in Conference USA, a bid to the NCAA tournament was a stretch. Still, with the Cardinals coming to town ranked in the top 25, Marquette aimed to finish the season strong. After holding leads for the majority of the game, Marquette fell behind #24 Louisville by five with two minutes left. Marquette tailed by two with just ten seconds left. MU's Steve Novak was a defensive sub and could not get back into the game as a foul was called without time being run. Without Novak, Louisville guarded Diener and Mason and a half-court inbounds pass left freshmen Brandon Bell with the ball at the top of the circle. He wildly launched a three pointer that hit the backboard and just bounced out. Senior Scott Merritt battled for the rebound and tipped it off a Louisville player out of bounds. Luckily for MU, Novak could now enter the game. Pitino, who had bad dreams of Steve from his 30pt game vs Louisville earlier in yr...told his team to guard Novak. Bell had to play after Diener had fouled out, did not know the inbounds play. As he and Novak did a dose doe on the right block..with Steve pointing out Bell's proper position ...he and Bell traded positions two times creating a big distraction to the Cardinal players who were told to guard Novak. As Merrit was given the ball on the ensuing inbounds play under his own basket,all the Cardinal defenders looked at Novak and Bell circling..pointing and moving well before Merritt received the ball. Merritt found freshmen Dameon Mason wo broke from the opposite side of Novak/Bell in the left corner. Mason took a jump shot and was fouled hard by a Louisville player. The shot dropped with .8 second left on the clock. After Louisville coach Rick Pitino called timeout to ice Mason, he calmly sunk the free throw to give Marquette an 81-80 lead. Louisville threw the ball away and Marquette took the game. The Golden Eagles lost their next game in the CUSA tournament to TCU but went on to the quarterfinals of the NIT that season.

8. DWAYNE JOHNSON'S 10 foot shot at Missouri at end of regulation, January 23, 1983 - MU 60-59 OT.

Missouri was ranked #11 in the country and had eliminated the Warriors the year before in the NCAA tournament. In that game, several key calls went the Tiger's way, including a steal by Mandy Johnson on Stepanovich that was called a foul as Johnson layed the ball in... so the Warriors felt that they had a score to settle. For Coach Raymonds, in his last year of coaching, the game was very special. Raymonds grew up in the St. Louis area and many of his family and friends were at the game. The game was close because Marquette's box and one defense shut down the Tiger's Jon Sunvold. With 15 seconds left, and Missouri leading 52-49, Terrell Schlundt fouled out. The Tiger's Mark Dressler made one of two free throws to make the score 53-49. After Terry Reason's basket made it 53-51, Marquette called a time-out. There were eight seconds left. Reason then fouled Dressler, who missed the free throw. Mandy Johnson retrieved the ball and got it to the half court where he hit Dwayne Johnson. DJ took two dribbles before swishing an 10-foot shot at the buzzer to tie the game at 53. In overtime, Mandy Johnson made four crucial free throws and MU held on to wins 60-59. At the end of the game, Raymonds, his wife, two daughters and 79-year-old mother ran out onto the court to join the players in celebration.

7. AARON HUTCHINS Step-Back 3pter at Louisville, February 28, 1996 - MU 80–79, 2OT.

A game that began one of the best three week runs in Marquette hoops history, Aaron Hutchins receives an in-bounds pass after two Louisville-made free throws near the end of 2OT. Hutchins quickly dribbles the ball up into the front court, fakes a drive, steps back and launches a long three point jumper to give Marquette the 80-79 win. ESPN called this game the best game of the 1995-96 regular season. During the game, even the animated Mike Deane had to sit down because the stress had become too much. Hutchins hit the shot with three seconds to go. Louisville in-bounded but could not score. Two days later, Marquette went on to beat Cincinnati at home and the following Friday beat Conference USA Tournament host, Memphis to stop the Tigers 45 game home winning streak.

6. LLOYD WALTON'S 22 foot fall away jump shot at Detroit, February 8, 1976 - MU 68-66.

Marquette was 18-1 and ranked number two in the polls behind Indiana when they played Detroit. After falling behind 37-31 at the half, the Warriors finally tied the game at 66 with 1:15 left. Detroit missed a lay-up. Marquette went into a stall. At the :12 mark, McGuire called a time-out. In the huddle he told the team, "Cut the time to four seconds and give the ball to Lloyd Walton." Butch Lee caught the inbounds pass, worked the clock and passed to Walton. Lloyd dribbled past two defenders to put up a 23-foot fall away from the left baseline as the buzzer went off. Detroit coach Dick Vitale was devasated by the loss. The 68-66 victory was the thirteenth straight win for the Warriors. The 1975-76 team added nine more wins to the streak before losing to Indiana in the finals of the Mideast Regional.

5. GEORGE "SUGAR" FRAZIER'S 27 footer from the top of the key at Memphis State, December 7, 1971 - MU 74-73.

On the thirty-year anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Marquette was rated number two in the polls behind UCLA when they played Memphis State in Tennessee. With 48 seconds left and the Warriors trailing by 3 points (73-70), Warrior center Jim Chones fouled out, putting Memphis State's Holcumb on the line for a bonus. Holcumb, who was the Tiger's best free-throw shooter, could have put the game away with two free throws. Just as he was given the ball to shoot, teammate Bob Foxworth decided to change his position and stepped into the lane. The lane violation gave the ball back to Marquette and Marcus Washington hit a jumper to make it 73-72.Washington then stole the in-bound pass and got the ball to Larry McNeill who missed a short jump shot and a tip. Foxworth rebounded the ball and was fouled by George Frazier with 11 seconds left. After a McGuire time-out, Foxworth missed the bonus free throw. Bob Lackey got the rebound and dribbled up the court. Since the middle was clogged he passed to Frazier, who was five feet behind the ABA (Memphis Tams) three-point line (23'9"). The crowd of 11,210 was in a frenzy anticipating the biggest upset in Memphis State basketball history. When Frazier tried looked up at the clock, he was dribbling backwards between the circles trying to get the ball inside. Frazier could not see the clock on the lower level because fans stood in front of it. Finally, with one-second left, Frazier heard MU AD Sam Sauceda, the color man on the WEMP MU radio network, say shoot it and he saw Al McGuire who frantically pointed to the basket for him to shoot, he killed his dribble, twisted his body over the defender and threw up the shot. It swished just as the buzzer sounded. The arena became hushed as the Warriors ran onto the court. Al McGuire triumphantly strode off the court, with a clenched fist over his head yelling to the crowd, "Take that! Take that!" In 1982, the Warriors played Keith Lee and the Tigers at Memphis State. Eleven years later, the Memphis fans still screamed for revenge for the 1971 game. MU's guard Michael Wilson, a Memphis native, took down a backboard with a dunk in the first half. Marquette lost 77-70.

Next up will be the Final Four, can you guess which MU buzzer beaters will be on that list??

Also, take a look at the picture of Hutchins above...not too many guys have their feet as high as the top of the scorer's table when they shoot!!

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