Getting to Know Scott Christopherson

Scott Christopherson is a 6'2 shooting guard from LaCrosse Aquinas. Having committed to play college basketball for Marquette early on, Christopherson's recruitment hasn't made as much noise as some do, but that is just fine with the sharpshooter, he prefers to be low key. takes a closer look at Scott in the first of a two part series.

Since early in high school, Scott Christopherson has been compared to former Marquette Golden Eagle point guard Travis Diener. While comparing anyone to an NBA point guard isn't exactly fair, the talk surrounding Christopherson quieted down a bit after he offered up an early commitment to play his college ball for Marquette and coach Tom Crean. You see, in the recruiting world people hang on the edge of their seats waiting to hear some gossip, some rumors...anything. But when a player commits early, the excitement for the fans comes to an early end, and they move on to the next to be recruited.

The truth is, Marquette fans should not stop talking about Scott Christopherson. If anything, they should heighten the discussions. Christopherson may not be as quick and hard nosed as Diener, but he may have more natural athletic ability. He is a 6'2 guard that has the ability to drive into the land of the giants and throw it down over the top of them. He also has the ability to let three point shots fall like rain. He may not be the second coming of Travis Diener, but he doesn't need to be.

Growing up in a small town in Wisconsin, Christopherson was raised like many kids in the Midwest. He was brought up in a strong, hardworking family with good values, and developed the competitive drive that carries over onto the basketball court. But who is Scott Christopherson? Sue Christopherson, Scott's mom, is obviously very proud of her son, but to her it is so much more than what he does on the basketball court. "Scott is a very caring person. Whatever the need, he is always willing to help. He is good hearted, very well grounded and really down to earth. He really is a special kid." takes an inside look at Scott Christopherson. In part one of this Q&A we will take a look at Scott's recruitment and what made him commit to Marquette University, Tom Crean and the Golden Eagles. Who is Scott Christopherson, what do you like to do?

Scott: I like to golf, and just hang out with my friends. I like to go to movies and things. I am pretty laid back. On the court I try to be the most competitive hard working player, and I try to be as tough as I can, but off the court I'm just a regular kid. I like to have fun. What schools recruited you?

Scott: It was really between Marquette and Wisconsin. I was contacted by a lot of schools from across the country, but I really wanted to stay closer to home so I really didn't consider anyone seriously other than those two. The more I got to spend time at Marquette I knew that is where I really wanted to be. Why did you commit so early on in the process?

Scott: I got to know members of the coaching staff when I was a freshman, and I went to campus a few times and went to some games and I really felt like Marquette was a great spot for me. I never knew very much about Marquette before the Final Four, and I don't know that I would have even considered going to school there, but once I got down there and saw how it was, and how Coach Crean did things, I knew it was special and I didn't want to take the chance of having some other guy commit taking my chance away from me, so I committed. If you could pick one reason why you picked Marquette, what would that be?

Scott: Coach Crean. I like the way his team plays, the way they get up and down the court, but I especially like the toughness that he instills in the team. They really play hard. I talked to a lot of both players and former players and they just had so many great things to say about him and the things that he has done for them, not just teaching them about basketball, but in life too. What other coaches played a significant role in your recruitment?

Scott: The first guy I had ever met from Marquette was Dennis Gates. He was working with the team as a graduate assistant and was also an assistant on my AAU team. I really liked the way he coached. When Marquette actually started recruiting me I really got to know Coach Kyle Green, and then a few years later Coach Rab came in. Those are the people that really helped get me to Marquette. Are there any players in particular that really made you want to come to Marquette to be their teammate?

Scott: Wesley Matthews talks to me quite a bit. He always lets me know what it is like with the different things. He always helps me and seems to make a special effort. All of the guys are great though, when I play with them – there will be times when Dominic will pull me aside and explain some things. Those guys do a great job, and I think they will do great things this year. Growing up always imagining yourself in "the big game", what does it mean to you to be headed to the Big East?

Scott: It is awesome – it's something that I think about all the time. I try to picture myself playing in the Big East, but I don't think that I have really grabbed on to it yet because it will be a big change. First leaving my home, moving down to Marquette, then playing at a much higher level, I don't think I will know how much that means until I am really there. You have been to your share of Marquette games, did the Bradley Center play a role in your decision?

Scott: It is one of those things that is a benefit, but it's not what made me decide to go there, but it is a positive. I know that at times they get to play pickup games or workout with some of the Bucks and other pro players, so that is pretty cool. You recently attended Marquette's version of Midnight Madness, what was that like?

Scott: It was a lot of fun. I was really impressed. It was really exciting being down there for that. I was a little tired towards the end because it was a long day. We had to leave LaCrosse early that day so I was up lifting weights at 4:30 in the morning. It made for a long day, but it was so exciting. Watching it really made me want to work harder and get ready to play. I really wanted to get out there and play – I can't wait.

The best thing about going down there is that they make you feel like you are one of them. When I come down all of the players always come up and talk to me, they treat me as if I am already a part of the team.


In part two of the Scott Christopherson series we will take a look at Scott Christopherson the basketball player.

With the work ethic, personality, desire and drive, Scott fits right in with the types of players that Tom Crean has brought in to build a team that will continue to make Marquette fans proud.

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