Marquette's Secret Weapon

Last season, Dan Fitzgerald was a role player who got minutes whenever he could. This season, the junior will be relied on for constant production.'s Pat Barry goes one on one with Fitz in this Q & A.

Last season, Dan Fitzgerald was a role player who got minutes whenever he could. This season, the junior will be relied on for constant production. Any major events over this past off-season?

Fitz: Actually this past off-season I stress fractured my pelvis, however I am back and feeling really good. The injury actually gave me time to get the rest of my body ready for the season. You talked with at the banquet last year and said that you had gained about six pounds since the end of the season, did you gain any more weight or strength since then?

Fitz: Yeah actually, this past off-season, I gained another fifteen pounds. I am still not a big guy and have some room to grow; but every little bit helps especially in the league that we are in. Last year, you played a multitude of positions. Do you see yourself playing this utility role again this season or is there one position this season you see yourself in?

Fitz: Well we will see, every season is different and a lot of new guys on this team can play a lot of positions. However, I could play some four since Steve is not here or Lazar could. We do have some more guards this year so that could have an effect. But who knows? Whatever works and gets me on the court. Now that Steve and Joe, two senior leaders are gone, who do you see as the leaders on the team or do you see yourself as a leader on the court?

Fitz: For us leadership is a team thing, Coach has stressed over the years that leadership is a team concept and wants us all to lead by example. This year, it is more evident because we have guys that do what they need to do. In terms of senior leadership, Mike and Jamil might not play as much as the younger guys but they are doing a great job of being the older guys who know what they need to do in order for this team to be successful. Also, Wes, Jerel, and Dominic lead by example. Absolutely no one on this team wants to be that guy letting the other guys down. Do you have any personal goals for this upcoming season?

Fitz: Wining. I really want to win and especially win the conference. We never set any number goals but its all about winning and meeting the team goals. We have one of the best teams that I have been apart of and we are really excited about this season. Since Steve is now in the pros, have you talked to Steve or gotten any advice from him?

Fitz: He always keeps in touch and always passes on advice. NBA guys are pretty busy but he finds the time to keep in touch and pass on some advice. Steve was one of the best teammates that I have ever had. Are you taking it upon yourself this year to shoot more that now Steve and Joe are gone?

Fitz: If am going to be on the court I have to be assertive However every game is different and it will come down to who is hot. We have so many scorers on this team that I don't think one guy will be taking all the shots for this team. Thanks for the time Dan.

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