Dwyane Wade Meets with MU Press - Part 1

On the Eve of Marquette retiring his jersey, Dwyane Wade met with the press in Milwaukee. Wade spoke of the honor, the relationships and his love for Marquette University. Here is part one of the press conference transcript.

Tom Crean...

(laughing) "The last time I had a press conf with him I was crying like a baby[when he announced that he was turning pro]..this is a thrill for me and Marquette…he energized the community of Marquette, the Milwaukee community and this state…and he impacts people…he makes them better…so many gifts that he has…him being here for three yrs helped us all…mainly me…I learned a lot from him…I will never forget the first day he came…he continues to impact the NBA…and also the world when you look at the way he represents diff companies and what he represents….hard to find anything remotely negative, except for complaints about him getting too many free throws…I only wish a tough Providence team would be accommodating tomorrow…


Question: Your first game as a young player…did you ever dream about being in this position?


Wade: No, I really did not like BB at first…it was a way to stay with my dad who used to play in the playgrounds at the parks in Chicago…when I first started playing.. I wasn't really good offensively but I had a long reach and was good defensively…and I was kind of fast as a kid


Question: What was your reaction to being called by MU about your number being retired?


Wade: It is the ultimate sign of respect and honor at any level. I felt blessed by this university and I have waited for this[since the call] and it seems as if it has taken forever to come. I just want to enjoy the process with my family, friends, the Marquette community…my coaches and ex teammates…it will be a great moment….


Question: Did you feel like you earned it, the honor?


Wade: I can not say. I do not like talking about myself.


Tom Crean: There is a plan in place for him to get his degree…when people impact you so much you want to let them know how much you appreciate them…he will be included with so many other great players and great citizens


Question: How does this rank with your other accomplishments?


Wade: It is at the top of all…the ultimate…a lot of basketball players talk about ..who got there jersey retired…who did not …it is greatly respected…



Homer owns Wade in H-O-R-S-E

Question: Do you watch MU on TV?


Wade: Every time I see the crawl on the bottom of the TV…everyone in the NBA takes pride in their universities…I told the guys when I came back in the locker room  (current MU team) that you were making me look good and please continue to make me look good…I am talking a lot of stuff…they are representing themselves in a tough conference and in the right way…


Question: How did sitting out impact you during your first year at MU?


Wade: I can say it now but it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was a shy person...an uncertain kid…I came in with some raw talent…some basketball talent...and I really got an opportunity to get to know myself and what I wanted to do in life…really worked hard on and off the court…  in the weight room a lot…I grew as a person…helped my maturity factor…the hard workouts the coach put us through…it helped me out tremendously…


Question: How did the many coaches impact you?


Wade: My first coach was my dad…you learn something from every one of your coaches...I had a converse commercial this summer and I talked about how I learned from my first coach…my father…my HS coach Jack Fitzgerald…Coach Crean and in the NBA…I will continue to learn from them


Crean: One thing that has separated Dwyane is his ability to take and accept the truth. We could see early on that there was talent but there was something so much greater…he wanted to be as good as he could be…even now, I do not think he is as good as he can be...a lot of people talk about being good but not many are willing to take the time …and the truth…to take want is given to you…and use it…you are not being critical.,. .you are trying to hold them accountable to the greatness they want...that is what was so much fun coaching him…you could not break him…or give him too much…he wanted to be great..


Wade: Except for that one spring when I wanted to leave about 15 times…


Question: What is your relationship with Coach Crean? 

Wade: "My relationship with him has developed over the yrs…and will continue to develop from a player coach relationship…many late nights in his office…we both had to be on the same page for our team to be successful...but I also had a wife and a child in college…and he was one of the first persons I could turn to…we shed a few tears together when I told him that my wife was expecting…and the relationship just grew that way…out of basketball…


He told me that whether Zaire would sleep or not, I had to come to practice and bring it every day for our team to be good. I was able to take the criticism for the most part and benefited from it.

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