Tom Crean & the Three Amigos on Louisville

On the eve of the Marquette vs Louisville matchup, Marquette Head coach Tom Crean and Golden Eagles Jerel McNeal, Dominic James and Wesley Matthews met with the press to talk about the game.'s Jeff wolf was there....



Head Coach Tom Crean

On the potential to beat Louisville twice in one season:
"It would mean a lot. It would just be good for us right now to get back that winning feeling and knowing that we haven't played quite up to our capabilities the last two games and I think out guys are anxious to play. Were anxious to be back home in front of our home crowd. It's going to be an unbelievable crowd based on the number of tickets sold and we want to help provide the energy that the crowd is going to provide us.

On Louisville:
"Their efficiency on offense right now is amazing and I think in their last five games they've held their opponents to 20 points or less in the first half. They're playing very good basketball, no question about it."

On Louisville coach Rick Pitino:
"He's just an excellent all-around coach. He makes his teams better throughout the year. I think they've got eight players in the last five games that are averaging six-and-a-half or more points per game. That's great balance."

On how Louisville was able to beat Pitt:
"They got on them right away. They made them chase screens. They moved Aaron Gray all around the court. And a lot of movement. It's a game of 1,000 screens with Louisville. They're a very aggressive team."

On the growth of Ousmane Barro:
"It's been fun to watch that growth. It's really been fun to watch his confidence. The basketball part of it is huge, and I think the basketball confidence he has helps his overall confidence. But to see him just to have fun and be able to hold his own in any conversation, that's our real pride because I remember how shy he was when he first came to the United States."



Sophomore Guard Jerel McNeal

On the loss to DePaul:
"I felt like we didn't match their intensity in the first half of the game. Those guys came out with a chip on their shoulder ready to play us and we did a poor in transition defense and just in defense in its entirety."

On playing a Saturday night game:
I think there'll probably be a little more energy. It's not like one of those early games where everyone is just rolling out of bed. There will be a little more intensity. And Saturday night makes it basically like a primetime game. So we're just looking forward to it."



Sophomore Point Guard Dominic James

On the possibility of beating Louisville twice in one season:
"It would definitely be a great opportunity for this team. With the direction things are going right now, it's just important that we get a win and get another streak going into the conference tournament."

On Louisville:
"They're coming here with a lot of confidence. They've been winning a lot on the road. This would be a big resume win for Louisville. So this is something that we really have to heart. They're going to come in ready to play so we have to come in with that same mindset."



Sophomore Guard Wesley Matthews

On the marquee match-up with Louisville:
"It's at 8:00. It's on ESPN. It's at our place. And we're excited. Especially coming off of two losses, we're hungry to get back on track and get back to what we're doing. And they're going to be pumped up too. They just went into Pitt and got a big win there, and they've won four of their last five on the road. They're a confident team, and they're a good team."

On what the team needs to do differently to get back their winning ways:
"I think we just have to a little more of what we're accustomed to doing rather than taking some lapses. There's times when we need to make the big stop and we don't, or we're giving up an offensive rebound that we need and it's just coming down to having a defense and rebounding mentality rather than offense first."

**Jeff Wolf is a freshman majoring in Advertising.

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