Steve "The Homer" True on MU Loss to Pitt

After Pittsburgh put an early end to Marquette's Big East Tournament appearance, John Dodds of sat down with Marquette play by play man Steve "The Homer" true about the loss...

Steve "The Homer" True: Tonight, for the first time against Marquette this year, Pitt was able to do anything it wanted. Some of that was Pitt, and some of that was Marquette. When Fields banks it in from the outside, you just feel that it is not your night. Marquette has always been able to frustrate Pitt. They become angry at Marquette. Tonight, enough guys made shots and they never seemed to get upset. Marquette was fighting back the whole night, but they never seemed to get ahead. Marquette was able to make big shots to stay close, but Pitt just made too many plays. This is the first game where they really missed Jerel because they just couldn't do what they wanted to do at the guard spots.

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